@ Incline Village

Realizing many options at my favorite hole in the wall, Mountain High Sandwich Co. Their “Harmony Wrap” … soooo delicious. Here we find ourselves, up in the snow capped mountains- just a very short spring break. 

What I love about this place is that there are well labeled options for all – whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian, various shades of Carnivore (red meat, white meat). So a family could have one eating house smoked tri-tip sandwich; another member, “Give-Thanks” Turkey sandwich while another may have plant based wrap (Vegan) or “All about Avocado” (vegetarian but can be made vegan) – all with smiles at one table. No judgment.

Then, there’s of course a gluten free option as well. So fresh – so flavorful ! Their banana muffins are the best I’ve ever had ! They are vegan and gluten free and so delicious! So good that I am hoping to replicate somehow sometime soon.

– sorry no photo – but fluffy chewy nutty crunchy- all in one.  So impressed that for such a small place they can pull off an offering so fresh and “conscious food for people & planet” – to borrow from their own slogan.  It’s not just a slogan, it’s real healthy flavorful fresh foods buzzing vibrations of the beautiful Sierra mountains and the blue lake nearby.

New Moon over Snowfall

At Lake Tahoe… arriving very late Friday, walking on piles of snow, falling knee deep at times; waist deep at another time, as snow is starting to melt.

The evening was so dark without any visible moon – reminded that it’s New Moon evening.   As the dark night draped over the skies, the stars were shining bright wherever there were breaks in the seams of shifting fabric of clouds weaving and moving in the night sky.

The air is cold and fresh – cleansing while the body so stiff from 6 hours drive – most ideal time for yoga to stretch – no more stiffness, restoring flexibility to hit the slopes.

The following day, finding myself way up to … elevation of 8260 !  Thin air, really working your lungs to take in that precious oxygen.  It does a body good.

Glorious sun salutation!!

Matcha Tea; Buddha & Warriors …

Why are they related ?

You can find out at Asian Art Museum !

So many treasures spanning over thousand of years into antiquity – it’s all mesmerizing.  Just some parts, I can play a pretend-docent about so just ask me about some of the works I consider “masterpiece” or “great works” but other areas, I will have to study up more myself …there are more than 18,000 objects in their collection !

Matcha Tea Latte made with Oat Milk … Feel the LOVE:)

It took nearly 1000 years for Buddhism, originating in the Indus Valley (India &) to finally land in the island country of Japan …probably much earlier but, officially, Year 552.   It was not religion but philosophy that journeyed to Japan where it was well received among the Warrior – Samurai class and took root in the soil of Shinto-ism, Japan’s own spirituality.  Today there are over 2000 temples and shrines in the ancient city of Kyoto alone  (today, thriving City – it’s not a ruin, please) …  BTW, temples are Buddhist; shrines are Shinto … FYI in case you are visiting:)