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My favorite places

Bakery first 6 shots – guess which one? Ginza Kimuraya:)

Last 6 shots from snacks we had on Shinkansen aka bullet train returning to Tokyo from Kyoto.

What a short trip to Kyoto, an ancient city embedded with temples and shrines we could spend days weeks months and if not, years, and it would still be not enough. But a special endearing person – the reason for our trip awaits in Tokyo. Wish she could travel with us. Wish we took these trips when we were all well.

Make lasting memories with your loved ones while you can, do it people. Today, Now.

Beautiful Places Healthy Food

Korean Meds in Tokyo

Anything to get over the jet lag, we stumbled upon this Korean restaurant servicing medicinal? fermented drinks and various Korean soul foods to revive us.

The ‘Hood

Shibuya has become a maze

And I am lost. Where is Hachiko – the loyal dog statue so endearing in our hearts – oh, where, oh where ?