Low Tide; No Sleep; No Sounds

By the observance of aparigraha, the yogi makes his life as simple as possible and trains his mind not to feel the loss or the lack of anything. Then everything he really needs will come to him by itself at the proper time.” 

–B.K.S. Iyengar

Have you ever started out with all good intentions but the Universe introduces obstacles when least expected – that while in scheme of all things, very trivial, so small and perhaps even irrelevant – and yet, you feel a bit deflated?

I have.

It’s not that you are defeated by these life’s curve-balls – of things not quite going as planned turn of events – but nevertheless, you feel depleted of your energy?

Have you ever thought about how to deal with and change the story-lines not going the way you planned ?

I have.

We all have.

I enjoy a silent class or class without any music typical of some yoga classes.  But that’s just it – while I enjoy that kind of class for “learning” as a yoga teacher where the yoga teacher is explaining every tissue, every muscle group, every movement, etc. as though yoga teacher him/herself fearing any pockets of silence or for pure relaxation (lettt goooo) as a yoga student- for my practice, and for my students, I enjoy sharing … positive sound vibes. Sounds are uplifting to the spirit.  Unless you are Srivatsa Ramaswami, a master to lead the sun salutation with chants, some chanting just does not seem authentic in my own humble opinion – even kind of a cultural appropriation-ish to be avoided – so least I can do is to offer my playlist as at Cal, I once interned for a DJ at the student radio station.  Love different genre of music only problem being I may get “stuck” on one track and play it over and over – I don’t get tired of things very easily !

Inspired, curated a playlist until midnight last night; exhausted crawl into bed but end up tossing and turning all night –  terrible or no sleep; not getting any shut eye, tracing the prior day to figure out the cause of this insomnia –  is it the Kombucha made with green and black tea, thus CAFFEINE?  Is it the stress of seeing a homeless treated unkindly at a food bank ?  Is it the to-do-list growing with unchecked items? Is it … this or that?  The mind races to find answers to this puzzle … rumination leads to answers only then to morph into constant chatter… clock reads 3am  … Good Morning – almost ran over a jogger who dashed out in front of our car …slamming on breaks; woken by the jolt – was the jogger in a runner’s high?  Unexpected swerve to avoid hitting her – a scare to drive an otherwise uneventful commute   … walk into a studio to teach yoga – relieved to be in a peaceful space – Yeay !  I love teaching yoga …


the stereo system just does not work  … sooooo …. the said playlist is not accessible.  Told there’s a problem with the stereo system … normally I would take that in a stride – of all days, the day after staying up late to curate a playlist when there was that stroke of insight to make a new one.  In fact, no other music comes on either … unable to retrieve any of my musical selection – the class time is upon us…

Have you ever set an intention to be very well prepared, striving for perfection? Or at the very least attached to a certain kind of class you wanted to put on?

I have.

Have you ever felt like … screaming in sheer frustration (esp. when sleep deprived) or crying in annoyance over little petty thing?  You know it’s really not a big deal … but still.

I have.

So does someone want to holler out a primal scream on my behalf so I don’t have to?  So that I can flush out the toxins of …attachments and ego from my system ?

Low Tide

New Moon

Super New Moon …

Tomorrow – Friday the 13th.

Yoga to the rescue … practice is essential.

Thank you for the reminder.

To which I respond – Yogis are people too:)

We have attachments to want certain outcome -it’s human.   It’s only that in teaching yoga, we want every single student to feel a little bit better after the class than before.

Recognizing we have the power and choice to shift our mindset from that of suppressed primal scream of annoyance to a resolute mindset more in alignment with our higher self, Self that is patient, compassionate and resilient.  That mindset echos the vibrant chant of OMMMMM … There’s no need to dwell on the past nor fear for the future – all is well.

Cessation of agitation …calming the fluctuations of the mind …  comes.

Gratitude to a student who stopped by after class to ask if he opened the shades the way I liked it for the class – wow – such a gentleman and all knowing.  Thank you – if the sounds weren’t right (or more like void), at least the lighting worked as … it’s the morning sunshine.  Sun salute – sun always shines in the hearts of those with grace – Namaste.

  • My Jade Harmony mat along with a mat holder bag went missing for months (assume in the hands of someone getting good use I hope – miss it but decided that I am not getting the same brand mat) and for months I have been looking for a practice mat to replace it  while using a travel mat – Think I found it.  Grassy texture feels grippy – Yes to Everest for home practice.   Stroke of serendipity when least expected.


Let’s all have a good week – as we head towards Friday the 13th, blessed with Super New Moon.

What brings people to yoga?

We can walk, hike, run, jog, bike/spin, play tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, row, dance, swim …even martial arts – all kinds of options and offerings to stay fit through exercise.  So why yoga?  Why do we put ourselves into these sometimes awkward poses that gives us a  ouchy-feel-good combo sensations.  Why do we strike a pretzel pose or to some,  contortionists’ forms and shapes and call them with animal names or chant some mispronounced Sanskrit?  Because we have a desire to feel amazing!  All the aforementioned activities are all excellent ways to stay fit and social.  I say this to drive a point that yoga need not be a stand alone activity but a supplemental complementary practice.  I always say – mix and match:) not only among yoga styles but to complement or enhance your other “exercise”.

When you engage in any of the above activities alongside yoga, you feel more ease and freedom in your body while remaining better focused.  Have you found that to be the case as I have?  For some of us, it may become a stand alone fitness plan and while a home practice is nice, a well guided well sequenced group practice you committ to makes a difference.  It gets you out of your home, work environ to a place all dedicated to Self-Care.  Especially when you lack time, a good class fits right in.

As it was for me, eventually, you might just fall in love with Yoga so much it’s a stand alone fitness module.  Then, it becomes a daily life-long practice because there’s no such thing as too old or too busy in yoga.  Because yoga is not mutually exclusive to other activities  – you can embrace the practice and benefits as part of the whole exercise regimen.

Been noting this – If you are, rather, a musician and artists, many already discovered how staying fit through yoga provides more benefits than just physical – many may find that their creativity valve open and creative juices flow better; or that you simply sleep better at nights or you feel less stuck.  If you are already an athlete and well toned, yoga will keep your body injury resistant and perhaps even give you the edge by way of integrating that toned body with a toned mind; if you are already involved in sports, yoga is a way to provide better balance and focus.  It’s always one of the best stress management tool – as performance based sports and arts can be, stressful sometimes.

If you are sedentary, on the other hand, then yoga will give you the body awareness to slowly shift and modify the set pattern of behaviors.  That is, you may be more motivated to exercise once you discover the joy of lightness and freedom from an appropriate yoga session that challenges you but remains accessible.  So you can just view Yoga as an enhancement to your life – the practice enables us to see the shapes and colors more vividly, shades take on more luscious hues, sounds are clearer and sensations more crystal and pleasurable and you, yes, you are clearer in your intentions, deeds and communications.  We become more adapt at engaging all 5 senses and then some, to live more joyfully.  Yes, even at the office or at the clinic…

While people who use their body in their jobs tended to seek out and have always benefited from yoga (labor intensive jobs or any that entails heavy lifting or standing all day), today more and more corporations are embracing the benefits of yoga for their employees.  For example, as I happen to know/see a good number of workers in the technology fields, I can safely say that these are perhaps the most typical and common complaints among them:

  1. Lower back or the whole back pain;
  2. carpel tunnel syndrome
  3. Straight neck – or a lost curve in the cervical spine.
  4. Stress management
  5. Headaches
  6. Hypertension
  7. weight gain.

Thought I touch on each of the above in my classes with an intention to demonstrate how therapeutic yoga poses and methods are tools designed to help alleviate some of the discomforts arising from above.  Looking forward to sharing some ideas and tips for staying well through the summer months and beyond.