Journey On – Yoga @ SFO

Yoga for the weary and well-traveled?  Yoga for the globe trotters? Always wanted to check this place out but never had the time and this time too but extra 30 minutes, I thought – oh, no – I don’t have my mat … BUT no problem.  They have few mats there and yak ! usually but no fear – there are wipes to sanitize the mat with.

It’s a cozy space, maybe only up to 6 mats … and there was just one guy there who seemed asleep but when I walked in, he probably felt he must do yoga so started to move through some asanas.  I had time just for few rounds of sun salutes … then upon leaving we exchanged a greeting.  He has few hours of layover in SF en route to Australia.  He said how he really appreciated having a place like this to just stretch after a long flight.  I nodded.  Isn’t San Francisco the only place with a yoga room?  He thought maybe Chicago but … San Francisco definitely is the place. Here, we can unplug and feel even more connected … within.

We nodded knowingly and said good bye – Bon Voyage !

So many traveling to get home this Thanksgiving week – it’s that time of the year where there are so many migrating to make time and effort to reunite … to go home … to celebrate … do make time to stop though, pause, really breath, be with yourself, take care of yourself so you can be the best version of yourself when you are with your loved ones: Someone less concerned about the gluttony or belongings but want to be someone who is giving, patient, tolerant, generous, kind and above all …