The Pose Begins When You Want To Leave It !

– BKS Iyengar

Yes, the pose begins when you want to leave it.

We forget that Yoga asana practice is to rewire us to make us stronger, more resilient – cultivating equanimity so when we step off that mat, we are empathetic, compassionate but at the same time, resilient to the core.  For me, it’s more about increasing my flexibility so we can roll with whatever comes our way with more … GRACE.  So not hardening or becoming rigid is the key.  Still remaining pliable and receptive – How is that possible ?

To be fluid – liquidy and crystalline … going with the flow …thawing the ice, defrost into flowing spring water; bubbling at the brooks … traveling the winding sometimes treacherous sometimes beautiful routes to … the ocean.  To our original source – the vast expansive mysterious ocean that reflects the sky, the universe.

Mossbrae Falls … now in private hands?

Too beautiful to not share.  These photos did not capture it but there are rainbows dancing in the waterfalls … breathtaking not because it’s grand but rather, breathtaking because it’s so delicate … silky lacey water falls.



Your Vitals are Vital

In 2014 weight @ 134lb; 10 months later August of 2015 @ 115lb !

With little effort, 19 pounds weight loss recorded 3 years ago. And today weight yo-yo back up 129lb telling a story when one hunkers down to study (yoga therapy training and work-related) we have additional work, sitting and thereby more stressed with little time to exercise. Then how did I lose 19lbs 3 years ago? Was it the simple formula of eat less and exercise more?  That’s probably not the case with most of us – we are more complicated.  At the time I was able to practice a lot of yoga, exercise, then really caring for myself with lots of TLC of a Restorative yoga sessions. That’s right – it was not power yoga that helped shed pounds but rather Restorative Yin and meditation showing how stress plays a big role in weight management.

Now that I’m done with my studies do I expect that 19lbs weight drop?

Have faith that this body will come to some kind of homeostasis now that I believe and trust my body wisdom. It will take care of itself. Provided I go back to my former yoga practice loaded with self care 💜 won’t you join me?

Namaste 🙂

800 hrs. Yoga Therapy Teacher Training – thank you Niroga !

Reminiscing after the 2& 1/2 modules made up last weekend … Can I finally say that I have completed my certification requirements for 800 hours in training ?  I really hope so – seriously – as I had spend hours glued to the study videos (at the cost of great strain to one’s back – thus, Back Care Immersion with Judith & Lizzie Lasater and Mary Richards – highly recommended for yoga teachers and anatomy geeks interested in more holistic approach.), hours of reading, hours attending therapeutic classes (so good !) as if to counter all that sitting and studying. Pray for me that I have fulfilled the requirement at last. I know just 200 hrs. or 500 hrs. RYT is enough to teach any yoga – flow especially but yoga’s role in my fitness plan has always been therapeutic for me – nothing less.  That’s why when Yoga Alliance announced banning the use of that word, “therapy” for any of the yoga we teach, I was like …what?  WHAT?!  If yoga isn’t therapeutic, what is it then?  Just another fancy exercise – then why yoga – why not stick to soccer or zumba or dance or tennis or … stick to exercise, right ? Or is it a form of callisthenics and stretching ? Or is it acrobatics and refined human contortions?

Thus my search for yoga as I know it** to arrive at this Yoga Therapist learning. Sure, of course it’s exercise, a fitness program but it’s more – there are layers, sheaths, koshas that unfolds, getting us to the very core of our being … that intention and impact gets lost sometimes caught up in the ever accelerated pace of events unfolding all around us. I am happy I rediscovered that yoga, the kind of yoga we can savior and be sustained by.  It’s a sustainable practice of self-care, integrating the mind-body and maybe even the spirit unfolds and evolves to take you to the unexpected place.

Baxter Bell, MD, c-IAYT (find his classes and recently published book “Yoga for Healthy Aging”), on violin, and Perry (find his classes – Veterans Yoga Project !) on guitar  – here performing at our graduation, as we all broke out singing together in chorus, late-Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” ! (we OM too:)

Niroga Institute is winding down their yoga programs (200 hrs. basic, 500 hrs. advance study & 800 hrs. yoga therapeutics) this year to focus their energies to teaching Dynamic Mindfulness & Transformative Life Skills to school-aged students on-site by training the classroom teachers, counselors, and recruiting yoga teachers to serve on yoga-corps (like ‘peace corps’ but * yoga – “warriors of peace”:) to teach in the learning environment for K-12th.

With their latest shift in their offering, feeling especially blessed and lucky that I had the privilege to learn from these respective expert in the particular field.  It’s their last year offering this comprehensive a program…  Their wealth of knowledge as it relates to yoga and healing was … nothing short of inspiring.  We learned how to better distill the yogic techniques and methods holistically for that unique whole person who stands before us.

As you can tell by the course syllabus (see last post), each of the subject in our curriculum, we could spend a lifetime studying on BUT, we learned each of the subjects as it relates to the scope of our work in “yoga therapy”.  Yoga therapist is never in the business of diagnosing, that’s as we know the role of the medical establishment, but there to work for the client’s need to organically find wholeness & wellness, mindful of other health professionals if need be (MD, PT, OT, DC, etc.), a bit similar to a role of a say, acupuncturist in the Eastern modality,  to provide support through the application of this beautiful practice called YOGA.  The greatest difference being it’s self-administered and self-empowering as the practitioner is not relying on a treatment to be administered from others – it’s self-driven. We were taught to first and foremost, do no harm by acting out of ego but provide true understanding, be knowledgeable, have empathy, and finally, apply yogic tools and techniques so that the client finds the strength to discover the healer, the innate wisdom, within.  In order to do that we need to understand better our own makeup not just about the poses and the techniques.  We need to better understand and love ourselves from top to bottom, from inside and out.

Earthing !

Best way to get out of your own way – living yoga (title of Judith Lasater’s lovely book) – rather than doing yoga.

Teacher Devi (40+ years yoga teacher who started CalStar Yoga at UC Berkeley, yoga for people with disabilities) and here, lovely Winter Brown (teacher at Stanford Healthcare & @ Winter Brown Yoga), and a beautiful artist/dancer/yogi soul who wishes to remain anonymous:)

Labyrinth of a yoga circle – this year requiring 2+? circles to contain all the students. We all showed up! Niroga is a beautiful container for those wanting an advance study to further the practice with a sense of Seva – service at the core.


* yoga as in mindfulness and meditation for “peace”.

** Yoga to me is not about pushing your body beyond limits and see if it breaks.  Yoga is not about an “exhibit”, “contest” or “showcase” – yoga is not about what you can do or what you used to be able to do – it’s about overcoming ego and let’s face it – transcending many fears, especially of aging and loss – it’s really about living fully now – yoga is about healing if need be, self-care for preventative medicine or recovery, it’s about finding balance and your own center.  Check this out.  Love it – what a sage.

***I was once at Washington Park in Manhattan and performance artists showed up to exhibit “yoga” as people ogled at their Gumby Bendy poses – it was practically a freak show at a circus as I prayed that those so called yogis not have hip replacement and knees, or wrists surgeries in few years or deal with chronic pain.) Rather than bringing more people to try yoga, the show probably turned off many from even trying yoga – it did not appear inviting nor accessible.  Most of us do not start yoga practice from pre-teen age nor practice 5+ hours a day as BKS Iyengar had. (Actually when asked how many hours he practiced a day he joked? by answering – 24 hours:)  Some of us started the practice already into adulthood so … bear that in mind and be kind to yourself.  The practice can be both challenging but still relaxing.

The right practice, my yoga, brings about more lightness and you feel less stuck, less stressed and … filled with uplifted energy – prana – amidst the calmness.  There’s peace within the mind and a tranquil spaciousness in the body.  That is my intention.  How about you?  What’s the intention behind your practice?