Yoga for Respiratory Health

Been writing on it and practicing it  …I know how beneficial this practice would be for so many, now is the time.   Need to edit so for now … thinking about how to turn it into a video… for a private party???A workshop?  Really not compelled to … can I just wear a hazmat yoga suit and teach in person? How would that look like???  Till then, please support your local yoga studios and gyms which by now should have live stream or zoom classes – take those classes – give them a try.  The studio and the teachers can really use your support.

As for me – yoga?  They are embedded and peppered throughout the day – It’s been interesting serving 3 meals a day to quarantined “guest” who traveled through 2 major airports,  a shuttle bus,  a major train station… 10 hours flight – the self-imposed quarantine period is almost over and absolutely no warning signs of a virus – perfectly healthy.  Good rest, good food, mindfulness practice, reading  … it’s a retreat.  Let’s look at it with that perspective.

When this guest’s quarantine is over, I will then have more time to get back to “work”?   So far been busy making …

  1. Amazake
  2.  Amazake Chai with a beautiful banana bread make by a good friend
  3. Gluten-free chocolate birthday cake with raspberry filling (coconut sugar & agave/honey)
  4. First time ever Preserved Cherry Blossom flower for
  5. Tea and Garnish for Green Tea cookies to come …
  6. And … more grilled onions in red wine for strew making.

Honestly, I’ve never cooked so much in my life maybe … I have omitted the soups, lemon squares, Matcha sabre, udon, ramen, the 2 takeouts as I broke down:)  Oddly, I lost 5 lbs.  Just cooking your own meals, eating home cooked foods and less processed foods … just that.  Did … It.


and of course that yogic breath, Karaoke singing and humming as I cook and move. Boost your immune system !  Confront your fears head on !!

Teddy Bears at the Window for the neighborhood

This, yes, THIS …

Happy to help any way for the challenged … Paddington Bear, Teddy and the gingham ribbon-ed Black Bear. Arms around, these buddies are happy to look out into the streets to make sure proper Social Distancing protocols are adhered to.

Was clued in that neighborhood parents are asking that we place bears at the window facing the streets so kids can have something to do – like walk around and spot bears at the window- maybe count them, “hunt” them. We have parents who are obviously running out of things to do at home … parks are closed; school yards are closed; schools are closed … so happy to help these at-their-wits-end-challenged parents with kids having a cabin fever more than a viral fever. It’s also … spring fever time … It it were normal times, I used to say LOVE is in the air; but people are now more worried about droplets in the air … so sad. BUT let’s get through this together. Next year, we know nature has a way of cycling through and next year, yes, there will be spring fever. This year, of course as always there’s love, fortitude … gratitude that we are all committed for the common good … we are serious !

Kids & Family yoga like Tiffany Belzer used to teach can really be so helpful this time of shelter @ home with no school … Hey there Moms and/or Dads working from home, all the sudden juggling home school they never thought they’d be asked to operate – here’s a question – have you thought about how yoga and mindfulness for the kids can help them (& YOU!) feel much much better ? The practice can do wonders to keep anxieties at bay and increase the sense of balance and wholeness! It’s tough times for everyone. Please try – I can recommend some good videos and books or zoom lessons.

Here’s a little quiz – (Q) Parents! Is there a BEAR POSE in yoga? (there’s also Big, Medium and Baby bear poses !!!)

(A) Yes, there is.

We do a modified version in my class but … why not try the real one. Fun to hold. The pose – NOT – the breath. Will show you tomorrow:)

Wise Words of Ramaswami Srivatsa popps up after coming back from social media detox – Honored to have learned from this teachers’ teachers’ teacher … just scratched the surface really …heeding his advice

“SOUCHA” “SVADHYAYA” “PRANAYAMA” YES. For me, time to review and return to consistent practice.

Gratitude to the wise great teacher, Ramaswami Srivatsa. Coming from someone with lifetime of experience and practice, I cannot be more inspired at this time of many disappointments and confusion. There’s clarity and reassurance in his words. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I’m back; how about you?