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From Devi Premal – NOT to be lost in translation…

Many think that true peace is impossible to find,
given the state of human beings today.

And yet the source of peace is right at hand.
It lies in the absence of fear, and the replacement
of fear by LOVE.

This love already dwells within you.
It is part of the great Ocean that you are part of.
Therefore, the one that seeks peace
has a place to go to find it, and a way to eliminate
fear from the heart.

What is it that human beings fear?
The list is long:
rejection, disapproval, loneliness, helplessness,
physical assault, emotional assault,
loss, emptiness, meanginglessness.

It is a long list, based on separation from one’s true self.

Peace can only come as this separation ends –
as the sense of safety that is founded in love
enfolds every aspect of the heart so that the
entire being feels safe.

Before then, it is hard to find peace.

The door is open for this joining with love now,
knowing that love’s joining takes one into the arms
of the Divine, the arms that are forever present
if one seeks them.

How can we put aside fear and embrace peace?
By finding the Divine source of love within
and allowing it to grow.

The place of fear rejects this answer.
It anticipates its own powerlessness and believes
that counter-force is the only means of protection.

Counter-force is not protection.
It is a temporary sollution to the problem of helplessness.

All who seek true peace must find a new basis for safety.
The old ways clearly do not work,
and yet they are clung to.

As individuals and as a people, defenses are what
we have grown up with and what we know.

To find peace, we must begin with the source
of safety within us – the everpresent love which
enfolds all things.

This love IS PEACE.

Love allows us to see others not as enemies
but as souls,
created with the same essence,
striving for the same things.

Love is the single most powerful force that can
overcome the darkness that occupies men’s minds.

This darkness cannot be overcome by might.
Might only makes it go underground, not disappear,
whereas love and light dissolve the darkness.

Do you wish for peace?
Then become a force for love on the Earth –
part of the great Ocean of love.
Be willing to find a new solution to your fear.

Release the view of others as ‘enemies’ and find
a new way of conceiving of the darkness that can
inhabit the human heart.

Join your life with the Divine within you.
Let this be your new foundation.
Let this sacred relationship BE the foundation
for peace.

In love’s presence all fear dissolves,
the Divine is joined with the human,
and the heart is set free to create peace.

May all beings be blessed by your peace.

You are the Love within you.

Let this Love create a world of peace.