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This whimsical home has an elephant in their front yard – not just any elephant but with an umbrella ! and it’s sandwiched by Christmas trees and all lit up. Wondering what their private joke might be. Christmas has past but it’s ??? so many still have them light up this month of January. Whatever makes you happy and I am reminded

We make our own happiness!

by practicing it.

The above message- Courtesy of Kaiser hospital to which I had gone to take someone for a procedure two days in a row … I am at service and glad to be.

This is shown in the waiting area … afraid? depressed ? Grim? In Despair? Seems it’s saying- don’t be … at a hospital waiting room.

They do a good job …as their videos kept my attention from the negative rumination which is very human. And that we are.

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Year of Tiger starting out with our best friend Doggie

Happy New Year !

Shared Ozoni aka traditional Japanese New Year soup with friends ❤️ Plating the bowls is an artistic endeavor ? There are many variations to Ozoni soup depending on the family and/or region of Japan one is from. Mine is just Tokyo-style with whatever ingredients that one can find handy in USA. As we are near a Japanese supermarket we are lucky to have:

  • Mochi (either round or rectangle shaped)
  • Kamaboko (fish cake – these are red and white for auspiciousness)
  • Shungiku greens (a bit like spinich but with more character) my mother used Mitsuba but did not have any.
  • chicken breast
  • Ikura fish eggs in mochi mini-cups I made – just my idea that came due to reasons I can explain later.
  • Shirataki (crystal noodles – totally not traditional – just thought pretty addition.)
  • Normally would have shiitake mushroom, flower shaped carrot, but not this time. For me a must used to be Yuzu peel as a touch for the final garnish but did not have any Yuzu so … a tiny lemon peel ribbon strip.

Once these are arranged, the broth is poured over gently and we are ready to : Itadaki masu! Omedeto !!

My broth is clear made from blending of various dashi – soup stock but some regions may have miso in it or … So Many Variations – fun to see this site for some of the examples – Here’s the Link:)

Greeted by this Prince on their couch. So happy to see a happy dog to welcome the Year of Tiger:)