Anything Cute Beautiful Places


This whimsical home has an elephant in their front yard – not just any elephant but with an umbrella ! and it’s sandwiched by Christmas trees and all lit up. Wondering what their private joke might be. Christmas has past but it’s ??? so many still have them light up this month of January. Whatever makes you happy and I am reminded

We make our own happiness!

by practicing it.

The above message- Courtesy of Kaiser hospital to which I had gone to take someone for a procedure two days in a row … I am at service and glad to be.

This is shown in the waiting area … afraid? depressed ? Grim? In Despair? Seems it’s saying- don’t be … at a hospital waiting room.

They do a good job …as their videos kept my attention from the negative rumination which is very human. And that we are.

Beautiful Rituals

Resolution & Refocus #3 To nurture relationships that fosters learning and growing to enliven our lives:)

To serve those in need – to be strong so that I may serve the needs of those who are alone and isolated and far away from family.

Opening the heart to be more flexible … let the heart shine and let your mind … go… Just follow the heart which knows no boundaries in this world full of quarantines and restictions. It will find who you love; what you love so we know our life’s purpose. May the heart guide us to lesson our fears.


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No Meat Just Fine

めちゃうま! (“mecha-uma” means extremely yummy !)

  • yogurt dip for green kale falafel
  • mussels steamed in lemon, garlic and chives …
  • Chinese style tomato + fluffy scrambled eggs stir fry served with rice
  • Fresh baked loaf of pumpkin almond pound cake dotted with cherries & dark chocolates … no sugar but sweet enough:)
  • grilled tofu on bed of purple cabbage slaw topped with greens
  • And … latte art lessons for the double hearts:)

Who needs meat ?