Healthy Food

Cooking Green Goddess Falafels @home

I was craving for falafels but not any falafels- I craved those pillowy but crunchy crusty GREEN falafels.

Having searched the neighborhood for falafels I discover that there appears to be none. There are falafels yes but not green…No green falafels!!!? How is that!? Soooo faced with such disheartening realization,

What’s a girl to do but to …

Make them home !

It’s time consuming but so totally worth it if you like them … GREEN:)

Beautiful People

Thank you, Justice Stephen Breyer

Thank you Justice Stephen Breyer, may I call you who you are? The Wise One. You are honorable, gracious, wise and considerate of the future generations.

The Wise One is not hanging on like some others who really should mentor groom and retire – just get out of the way and trust the young generation you can believe in and share the ideals of your teachings – to take over – it’s about making a real difference that way. Isn’t it best to retire at the peak rather than have even the supporters wish you move on for the betterment of Democracy. Thank you for bringing back the balance to what was dangerously tipped against women’s rights to have command over her own body and mind.

Wouldn’t it be just great if Anita Hill was nominated !!!????? How is that for justice? That would be the best upset ever ? Anita Hill please.

Musings …

Anything Cute Beautiful Places


This whimsical home has an elephant in their front yard – not just any elephant but with an umbrella ! and it’s sandwiched by Christmas trees and all lit up. Wondering what their private joke might be. Christmas has past but it’s ??? so many still have them light up this month of January. Whatever makes you happy and I am reminded

We make our own happiness!

by practicing it.

The above message- Courtesy of Kaiser hospital to which I had gone to take someone for a procedure two days in a row … I am at service and glad to be.

This is shown in the waiting area … afraid? depressed ? Grim? In Despair? Seems it’s saying- don’t be … at a hospital waiting room.

They do a good job …as their videos kept my attention from the negative rumination which is very human. And that we are.