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Covid time baking …Sour Dough &simple white bread

Fresh baked out of the oven ! Nothing like warm and crusty bread … yes, it’s kinda fun… you get to kneed the dough, you get to see it rise and double in size from the initial ball of goo … into this beautiful golden loaf. Simple pleasures discovered during this time of “restrictions”.

When we go back to the way things used to be before March 2020, I really think we are actually going to miss these days of “restrictions” even though people speak of pent up demands for travels and … just socialing in gatherings … the normal stuff. Yes, that might be true but there will be times when we again long for the SLOW days when we had to use our imaginations and creativity to make things… when we had to make efforts to live without all what we took for granted. Yes, more time will be freed up when you don’t have to stand in lines to get into pick up a loaf of bread … more time to get busier and again lose our real pursuits.

Still, I must stay I am ready and I will not go back to exactly the way I was … the last one year was not wasted. No.