Expand, Open Up & Lift to New Learning & Growth – 2018

Came across these signs (sign promoting stretching exercise and then a cute illustration of reverse namaste:)as I walked by streets of Tokyo – yes, the New Year is the time to transform through stretching classes – Yoga looms big on our priority for self-care. Having a degree of flexibility is so beneficial in improving or maintaining our wellness, holistically. Heart pumping repetitive muscle strengthening exercise, balanced with Heart calming stillness in long juicy holds, feel-good and free with stretching movements for our fascia and connective tissues to gradually melt & release – BOTH – Yang & Yin to complement each other for optimal health for our heart and our balanced nervous system.

“Change of hearts at a crossroad turning point – 2018 – Try Stretch:)”
“Can you bring palms of your hands together on your back?”
(No worries, my answer is Yes, but with wrists apart as I have wrist issues – so adjust and modify listening to your body!)

Flexible Body = Flexible Mind

= more spacious ease and where there’s space there’s room for growth and fresh ideas …that promotes

Creativity ❤️

Yielding Even More Ease & Joy.

Body&Mind are intimately connected enlivening the spirit. Our life force is enlivened when in contact with our streams of our consciousness. That stream of consciousness can be outward or sometimes sub-conscious and forgotten and lays dormant. What if they all saw the light of the day and faced squarely with absolutely no … fear.

The biggest fears that I feel in the Western culture is fear of … aging. Then, there’s Fear of death. Not to say that’s not the case in the Eastern culture – we are human, we share the same fears but the approach may be different. I hope to explore this a bit by bit as we de-construct what in the world we are doing in yoga (trim sculpted body to be gained OR ?) … but first … first-hand experience by doing it. Practicing it first- theories later. For many of us, abilities to sit still, release holds, refraining from hoarding and stocking up … to be in a place of simplicity and modesty and ironically, abundance … is .. challenging. It takes practice. Start out with muscular-skeletal … then deeper into our tissues, consisting layers and layers of shields that blocks the sun and the moon’s light. Nudging our way to let in more and more light to flood within. It’s bright in there.

Let Shakti meetup with Shiva …
Awakens what’s dormant within and ignites the Kundalini energy … )
I feel your vibe.
It’s time – 2018 – to practice.

Modern & Tradition Coexists – Love it:)

Two gates lead up to this Buddhist temple right at the foot of Tokyo Tower. At night, the skyline illuminated the lovely coexistence. & Oh yes that Seattle coffeehouse dotted this town everywhere including this path between the 2 gates leading up to the temple gate. No photo taking allowed of the Buddha.

Tokugawa Shogun is honored here which seems appropriate for this humble warrior… to pay respect. This Buddhist sect had their 21st century proclamation which translates roughly to:

Self-Awareness to the ignorant and foolish

Buddha’s Light to reach all families

Greater Compassion in our society

More sharing among all lives inhabiting this world.


To which we – Gassho. 🙏