Got my fortune 🔮 at a Shinto shrine ⛩ in Tsukiji after a sushi lunch at a secret sushi counter where the owner forbids any photo taking – he says he does not want his regular clients to be inconvenienced by becoming too popular which he will surely become if anyone posted his offerings – I felt like crying with gratitude for the delicacy of freshest seafood he highlights for the “Omakasa” means “leave it up to the chef” – it’s SO fresh, so clean, so delicious – I was savoring each bite, thanking the divine for the delicate morsels he places on the bamboo leaf/plate. Yesterday, paid respect to a golden Buddha at a Buddhist temple at the foot of Tokyo Tower. It’s not that I went looking for temples and deities – small shrines and temples are all over even in Tokyo. With an offering you can get a little amulet or a fortune. My fortune’s key word was “growth “, while my travel companion’s was …

Eyes popped out with this price tag of a beanie shiva inu. Small is not only beautiful in Japan, it’s quite …expensive!

Going home to my Shiva in California soon:) There’s Shiva inu rescue and all kinds of dog rescue groups – while there’s no judgement as this beanie shiva with a price tag of $5000 is precious so are lives of all those dogs waiting to be rescued and … adopted into a new loving home. It’s act of kindness how rescue dogs end up rescuing humans in need of unconditional love – who rescued who ? It’s priceless.