Have you read this article from awhile back? A refresher on WHY YOGA?

A practice that helped these gentlemen lose 20 lbs and heal from back pains and headaches – and … may I add, having returned to Japan and back to deal with my mother’s declining health – the practice helps with fears of … death and aging of your own …and of others if you study Yoga Philosophy as well. Look up “Meditate on This: a Nationwide Chain of Yoga Studios” a New York Times article from March 10, 2005.

Smart people turn to yoga for salvation because it’s self-directed self care that they can manage themselves – it’s empowering because you are not being treated – you are doing it .. yourself. You are listening to yourself and sharpening the skills to self- heal … what could be more empowering ? To be in charge of one’s own health … being one’s own guru. If you’ve been trying all kinds of alternative medicine, Yoga is that practice that works. If it’s done regularly and appropriately, customized to one’s own level and condition. I love yoga especially because it’s so self-directed. Sure, you are listening and following the instructions from a teacher but … you make it your own after repeated practice. The teacher is just there as a guide – kind of like a well studied and experienced sherpa on a mission to take you through a very safe but productive Himalayan trekking expedition or something ! Ultimately it’s you who do that work to get “there”.

Having said that … a good teacher is so important. Someone one can trust; someone genuinely concerned with student’s wellness, wholeness and growth. Someone who does not look at each student walking into the classroom as a dollar figure nor as a means to feed one’s ego … but rather … a beautiful light … souls who all came from the same source, that humanity we are deeply connected to and share. My intention is to make each class I teach a meetup of beautiful souls, practicing to transform for the better. There’s this quiet tribal energy, a vibration of prana all around and within us.

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