Recovering from hosting Christmas dinner …

Wish we could host guests more EFFORTLESSLY and SPONTANEOUSLY – that’s my New Year’s Intention!

*** in a rush to accomplish, broke a glass or two which made me think ***

Year end is a time to reflect and connect, not run around in the bustle and hustle to finish up. Time to reflect and thank all that brought me to this day.

It’s time to really really take stock, inventory of experiences that we learned and grew from. Tapestry of experiences weaved into our timeline enrich our lives and are the most precious gift …

Then … to plant new seeds of our intentions for the new year. What are your new intentions for 2018?
Here’s a look back – Click Here.

The Gift

From Tianna Meriage-Reuter, PT, DPT, WHC (highly recommended with any aches and pains – Here’s her homepage for the offerings:)who was one of our faculty at Niroga to Institute ‘s Yoga Therapy program. Her unexpected gift to each graduate inspired me to put together little treat bags for my students. Sweet gestures begets more sweet gestures. Yoga is …SWEET!

Sweetness and goodness – as my Buddhist friend used to say, what goes around comes around. What you put out is what you get out – Let’s put out that energy of … kindness.

Per Dr. Dean Ornish

Yoga Teachers = Stress Management Specialists?
The above caption is not what I made up but came from Dr. Dean Ornish’s materials, i.e., a job, a position description with his heart health institute – love it. Yoga teachers may put on different caps but one of which may be that – we help with preventing regular stress to morph into chronic stress. Everybody has stress and some aspects of stress is good – yes, it’s good. It allows us to harness more action, hopefully a positive version to achieve and be at peak performance BUT we know how chronic stress can give the nerves and the entire system the wear and tear … and if not managed well or us become more resilient, stress can chip away at our whole sense of well-being.

I really believe that we recognize the benefits of yoga when we practice it, repeatedly. In fact, in my evening classes, if I see someone yawn or give that deep delicious Hahhh sigh in the last 30% of the class, I feel I’ve succeeded in eliciting a relaxation response so vital to our overall health. Some student said he may fall asleep in savasana and I was like – yes! GOOD ! No, it’s not about being a sloth vs. athletic – Being chiseled and sculpted vs a lump of flab. It’s about calming down the over-active sympathetic nervous system to balance with the down regulated para-sympathetic nervous system for better rest and digestion – a complete wellness as there are many studies that show how our gut health and our brain health dictates our overall health. To strengthen our immune system and fight any inflammations and detox by eliminating toxins. As for Variable Heart Rate – We need not spike it up but have a bell curve up the heart rate but then … it has to come down, really down to slow down the heart rate – it’s a fluctuation like rhythmic flow and ebb waves. All this – It’s no longer a hippie woo woo stuff (and what’s wrong with that), but so much more.

Think about it: Heart disease and diabetes, which account for more deaths in the U.S. and worldwide than everything else combined,
are completely preventable by making comprehensive lifestyle changes. Without drugs or surgery.
– Dean Ornish MD

Yoga is shared to prevent awesome people in prime of their lives from departing from this life too early. It’s crazy to hear of someone in their 40’s, even 30’s expiring – from an unexpected heart disease. (Sleeping less, drinking tons of coffee, agitated and running miles on a treadmill sometimes “runs” counter to that health we all seek.) It’s too young – it’s preventable. Please take care. Here’s another study results to validate your REGULAR practice.