Lotus on a mat …

Starting the morning ritual with an origami-esque mug, a gift from a student. One with elegance and grace she exudes in what she creates and just in her … presence, like a lovely blossoming lotus on a mat. A to-do list after cultivating a state of sattvic guna. Still figuring out Enso Pearl with my very own sequence. May your Tuesday bring you much needed Sattvic state. If feeling tamastic (heavy dull stuck) or rajastic (hyper busy with whirling thoughts furry 🔥 angry fearful or unstable) then all the more a quiet practice to quiet the mind. Cultivate a Sattvic state with mid week Yoga – I will be there:) Wednesday evening sequence designed … Let body with all discomforts real and imagined, follow the lead of your mind anchored by your breath.

Vice Versa:)