De-cluttering Spring Cleaning not exactly KonMari style

To find few certificates still in envelopes mixed up with study materials and binders and folders …it’s only been half a year so the paper still smells fresh but no doubt about to collect dust and forgotten unless if … I do something with it.

So shouldn’t I do something with this?  I don’t mean to frame it – shouldn’t I do something with this designation to be of more help – to share this great practice ?

Feeling like I am going to “lose it” if I don’t use it as this lays to waste as just a piece of paper if I don’t incorporate all the learning into the day-to-day.

Taking the time to set an intention for this day … to be more purposeful, mindful and joyful:)

Have you too had the feeling that you have all the skills and talents but somehow you are not revealing them or keeping them to yourself and not sharing?  And do you wonder why?  Is it lack of opportunities to match the skill-set to the right outlet? Is it because you are insecure to channel the energy to the right direction with clear intentions?  Do you feel sometimes that your essence, your truth that could actually help someone, is only that – an intention but not directed to an actual action due to a mis-match of your intention with what you are actually doing (or not doing)?  We all wrestle with emotions of vulnerability that we are quick to guard and protect.

What if … rather than being on guard, we …are just okay with being vulnerable … that’s not weakness… but true strength I think.  We may layer upon layer grow thick skin but … they still needs to be porous … as we invite our centering “porous” breath of Oneness:)

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