Yoga Mat Care

Had this Manduka re-salted to see if the non-skid quality would improve. The hot sweaty season is coming and nothing is as unpleasant as smell of sweaty mats unrolled upon being rolled up untended stored and transported in super heated car trunks. Our olfactory is such great part of our yogic experience so recommend routine mat care …

As for just cleaning, salt and hose. Or here’s a nice formula to mix in a spray bottle:

1/2 c witch hazel

1/4 c vodka or alcohol

Few drops Tea Tree essential oil

Optional- other oils can be added-

For example

– grapefruit lemon or lime

for the energizing citrus scents*

– Clove Rosemary Cypress Eucalyptus

For clarity, select forestry scents

– lavender- rose – geranium

For that relaxing dreamy scents

But if you are the practical kind, just …alcohol to eliminate germs bacteria growth. Would check the manufacturer care instructions to see if alcohol spray does not fade any designs if any. A wipe with water wet towel might be needed. I have also used baby wipes !

* btw per a Japanese scientists it’s been shown that inhaling grapefruit scents actually helps with weight reduction – really? Nice!



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