Kissing goodbye and and letting go of plans, the itinerary … the expectations, and rather

coming into the flow, that natural flow and ebb,

coming into our own in our own space

Kissing goodbye the illusions of control over our destiny and

we then

Kissing this earth; honoring our heart like a child

slide our hands forward and slowly raise our gaze to a world that looks deceivingly the same … yet different

perhaps there’s a little clarity in that landscape so … uncertain

A child faces uncertainty each day but they know each is blessed with an inner compass, a GPS

that reliable sherpa within

who will guide us trekking this unknown path…

and beyond the blurred and hazy plateau of a flattened curve

there will be an emergence of another new vista that will come into focus as we flutter open … then widen our eyes in wonder

We don’t know what that vista will look like – resuming “normal” life

What would that look like? Is it a de-ja-vu, the resumption of the same “normal” unchanged from before, before the pause ?

Or would the new normal look different? How different?

I pray that

We will never forget

what we need as much as this breath we take; this oxygen we take

we not take for granted all

that enriches our lives

We will never forget

We don’t want to forget how much we missed

how it feels to just walk and talk shoulder to shoulder.

to slap a friend’s back in camaraderie,

with no fear

how it feels to see and experience a concert, admire a priceless art, laugh at the same cue seeing a movie together with other humans,

together feel the vibes, the goosebumps

with no fear

how it feels to experience a being bedside at a hospital bed

to listen, encourage or to just … be there

to hold that hand

holding space,

to be close to those we feel close was a no brainer before

To not let the lonely be left alone

We took for granted those auras … those beautiful rainbow of auras we felt

We took granted the handshakes, a tap on the shoulder and those


We won’t forget that

To touch, to be touched … just to see someone in common space, just to share the same space and breathe the common air

To gather

To come into circle

To just walk over; run over; drive over to visit a place a person a venue with utter freedom and abandon … on a whim … before we thought it’s just money, time and energy – lack of it – that prevented us from traveling around the world

That freedom and abandon to which we threw ourselves into the flow is no longer our birthright but a privilege, a gift so miraculous where the ordinary is extraordinary in that life of heightened awareness.

To take off on an impulse to an exotic land

To escape to freedom and joy

is not a fantasy but still within in our mind’s power

to get up and go

to dance to that rhythm of life is within our minds’ stream of consciousness

we are free as ever before and after

when we trust and source our inner vast universe

With gratitude

by Me-Kay

Mother’s Day Lanyards

Have you ever read a poem called “The Lanyards” by Bill Collins? Here, I am referring to Bill Collins, New York born and bred, an acclaimed poet, a former Poet Laureate of United States. Read The Lanyards and tell me what you think? It’s bitter sweet … that thought hovering in our minds as we send that bouquet of flowers to our mother. Two lanyards came out of drawers when Kondo Mari-ing out the drawers … only to not be able to toss them. These will probably go back to that same drawer as I make little progress in the challenging art of de-cluttering. Here’s some aging mint leaves for a little “art”, marveling at how bored hands can create such craft work that no one appears to take the time making anymore – Pandemic sheltering or not – crafty children’s fingers are so nimble and capable:)

Happy Mother’s Day ! Gratitude to the divine who glowed radiant for 9 months and labored and birthed us; then raised us into this world full of wonder and myriads of experiences to be had. We would not be here if it were not for you.

In nurturing energy and sustaining power of Shakti, Shiva co-resides to destroy the systems and believes so dysfunctional in order to rebirth and renew to usher in new fresh enlivened regeneration. At a heightened awareness, making sense out of this crises – it’s a welcomed shift of consciousness – We have to believe that.

Chai brewed

to awaken the senses ! Usually make it with Amazake but just with almond milk this time – and was reminded of the yummy spicy chai Regina used to make and offer generously at the friendly neighborhood yoga studio – when will that brew come back?

Fresh ginger, cinnamon & other spices + orange zest
Stir with organic ginger stick – for Life:)
Baked finger molasses cookie serving chai with candied ginger, walnut and Brazil nut.
With few medals from the Imperial household … recognized for lifelong service …Wonder what he thinks of what’s going on right now here on this earth. Its enough to do what makes everyone safe, healthy and happy – for that effort no matter how small, we all deserve a medal !
Honoring my grandfather with few imperial medals gracing his heart center way way back at an era when only a very few were chosen. An old portrait brought back last time visiting my mother in February – So surreal to think that just few years ago we can have arms around your family and now… not …a sobering reality – that we may have to wait awhile before we are able to “put arms around each other” like good “old” times which only means 9 weeks ago. oxox