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Talk & Walk Therapy resumes

Or is it Walk & Talk therapy?

Grateful walking on this earth.

Healthy Activities Yoga

Yoga Sequence

to be well-rounded, for each pose builds on the prior to serve as a “warm-up”, then onto poses that increase the heart rate; then muscle strengthening, then to flexibility or to focus on a theme based on that day’s one’s condition: If feeling of stress is a given to everyone in on this planet, dealing with this modern life of public health threat, social and political divides and global warming alarms, then … if being stressed is just normal and human, why not rethink why we do yoga?Hereby corrected by the great teacher – we don’t “do” yoga, we embody yoga – what’s more, each of us is yoga. We turn our attention to not only what we can do to take a certain action to make a difference outwardly, we turn attention to what’s going on inwardly:

  • is there lack of energy? do you feel tired all the time?
  • is there lack of motivation? Do you feel stagnant and stuck?
  • is there a physical pain? any discomforts?
  • Where are they located? What body-parts?
  • Is there a certain mood or feelings you are feeling you can name and label?
  • Do you have any diagnosed pre-condition we should consider before starting your practice?
  • What would be your intention for the practice today?
  • Yes, to feel better, but besides that, what would be THE INTENTION to make this effort?

It’s fun to just think up of lesson plans even if there’s little outlet for this need of mine to share the wealth; focusing on exploring various self-care methods … it starts with me; the work.

Off to the mat … or to that mounds of fallen autumn leaves out there. Let’s find our true nature.