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Talk & Walk Therapy resumes

Or is it Walk & Talk therapy?

Grateful walking on this earth.

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Yoga Sequence

to be well-rounded, for each pose builds on the prior to serve as a “warm-up”, then onto poses that increase the heart rate; then muscle strengthening, then to flexibility or to focus on a theme based on that day’s one’s condition: If feeling of stress is a given to everyone in on this planet, dealing with this modern life of public health threat, social and political divides and global warming alarms, then … if being stressed is just normal and human, why not rethink why we do yoga?Hereby corrected by the great teacher – we don’t “do” yoga, we embody yoga – what’s more, each of us is yoga. We turn our attention to not only what we can do to take a certain action to make a difference outwardly, we turn attention to what’s going on inwardly:

  • is there lack of energy? do you feel tired all the time?
  • is there lack of motivation? Do you feel stagnant and stuck?
  • is there a physical pain? any discomforts?
  • Where are they located? What body-parts?
  • Is there a certain mood or feelings you are feeling you can name and label?
  • Do you have any diagnosed pre-condition we should consider before starting your practice?
  • What would be your intention for the practice today?
  • Yes, to feel better, but besides that, what would be THE INTENTION to make this effort?

It’s fun to just think up of lesson plans even if there’s little outlet for this need of mine to share the wealth; focusing on exploring various self-care methods … it starts with me; the work.

Off to the mat … or to that mounds of fallen autumn leaves out there. Let’s find our true nature.

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Obento & more

Found a lovely Obento delivery by an awesome mom catering in the neighborhood- msg me and I shall refer ! Her Japanese style croquettes (no meat) are so savory and yummy. I wish I had them right now!😋

I have been sharing alkaline foods (simple, not oily, bland in that not spicy …okay, I admit croquets would be on my cheat sheet:) for the most part but perhaps I had been lax so last night … the heartburn came back. Ugh revenge of the GERD after some deep fried kakiage tempura and …coffee. Still I believe its not really the food causing the pains but something else. This burning pain was triggered by concerns over a family member and guilt associated with not being able to care for her. My nervous system must be fried from over-worries.

At times like this, I am really grateful for this witty and wise neighbor I walk with. It’s all spontaneous in that we don’t schedule or commit to the walks – if it’s do-able we go, if inconvenient, we pass. We hold no obligatory pressure or judgment. There’s no need to pose, impose or impress – we are authentic and open as there’s no agenda in sharing this activity. It’s pure self-interest we each accept as valid and good:) It’s also short and sweet talk and walk therapy session – walks are 30minute spurts and maybe 3000-4000 steps. Just right for a break in anyone’s day.

And unbeknownst to me at first – this walking companion is 80 years old – wow – I know – whhaat! Right? – who knew? – recalling how similar my current reaction is to when I reacted to a beautiful co-worker in her 30’s when I was in my 20’s – like how can you manage to look so pretty when you are SO OLD – you know, that attitude of a silly youth with little life experience, so poor that someone over 30 seemed no longer “young” in that definition back then – So here it is again resurfacing that similar prejudice I had back then – This 80 year old widow is so fit and positive despite some real challenges she has undergone she doesn’t rehash but I can only imagine. And wise , that she is.

I have always sought out older friends – the kind who inspires you and learn from. I know in the USA there’s a real UNacceptance and fear of aging but here’s someone who is honest about her fears but doing everything she can to stay well by exercising and eating well – and most important- staying sharp. Here’s someone you look at and realize wow life can be long and well lived. She is disciplined and so giving.

It’s a joy to hang out with someone who knows how to take care of herself. It’s a joy to learn from the older folks with so many gifts of experience and empathy. It’s a joy to see that one can live long and full and command respect – we all need this kind of a role model to not be afaid of aging and live today to the fullest.

Let’s see if she’s up for our walk today ! I can use some positive vibe of a 80 year old who has walked the walk, been there and done that but not letting that keeping her from staying fresh and … funny:) She’s adorable !