Is all “organic” good?

Not really …

For example, if you eat eggs, not all “organic” labels mean that egg laying chickens were pasture freed and treated humanely.  It could mean that they were immobile in chicken coop, fed “organic” grains and corn … not the happiest. With gratitude, rather eat eggs from happy eggs laying chickens, not from those tormented – if you can help it.

Check this out –HER E if you care to.  Little things matter and if everyone did little things, in totality, it’s a big change.

If you are vegan, you don’t eat eggs, so, not an issue but if you are vegetarian of the certain kind or an omnivore, then, something to think about.

Here are some dishes and baked goods using eggs from recent Tokyo stay – Chawamushi, my favorite Japanese egg custurd soup.. . then all these baked goods have … eggs in them.

My mom used to make this egg custard soup when sick – lovely garnish of Yuzu on top with fresh smell of Mitsuba herb … fun to scoop to the bottom to find more surprises hidden under the bed of silky custard.

Chestnuts atop “nest” of chestnut cream frosting swirls

No red dye – raspberries powder as garnish with pistachio crumbs …

SO what’s all this ?  What happened to the yoga talk?  There’s no need to rush into a gym – in spite of eating all the delights, you can still manage to lose weight or maintain weight, when you eat right and yoga … Came back to US soil, feared getting on the scale only to find out I had actually … lost weight eating all that I love.

Happy New Year !


It’s January – a familiar sight for those hitting the gym

BUT it’s December in Tokyo … reading up on muscle groups and reaffirming the beauty of YOGA – yogis don’t need any equipment to tone our muscles.  Okay, okay, if you want to be “sculpted”, weight training is a short cut.  Still … the body, gravity and … the breath does wonders and for me, enough.  Just walked by and went to do my own practice on the mat. No equipment needed unless you count your own body as just an equipment.  We are more than our body, more than what we see, yes, we know.

From Akasaka to Roppongi

Stumbled upon this hole in the wall …when most restaurants were closed due to New Year’s celebration. ( Most Japanese businesses take January 1st to 7th off although these days some are back to work on the 4th. )

Entire district normally hectic and congested is … quiet during the holiday season.

The menu price is so reasonable for this high rent district.  Oven baked nan the size of your face … Apparently the owner/chef is back in India so this gentleman was standing in for him who was a bit surprised to have a packed tiny place to manage.  As few people were waiting outside in the cold, cut the chai time short to free up the one of 5? tables.