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9 more days…a commercial break:)

Approaching The 11th Hour on this countdown to Christmas ~

With the rain, shopping via Amazon seems like such an easy “go – to” site BUT let’s also support local businesses – they make our town more exciting and worth living in when we do. If getting something yogic for the yogis and yoginis in your life, & if one were to be near San Francisco airport, check into local eco-green studio, such as Nandi yoga studio in San Mateo and get their gift package (“Shanti” gift basket is wonderful) or a quality yoga mat along with china jell (topical muscle tension/cramps/pain reliever) or a lavender lotion. Their boutique has a nice selection of Prana brand yoga wear…and real kind yogis who can help you.

Otherwise, here are some net shopping gift ideas, the very best one shared in the closing of the post … at first sharing a glimpse of health related books … just a few.

Cookbooks – vegan & not:

Food Thoughts Provoking Books:

Yoga Related Books:

Fun with Doggies & Kitties:

Then there are so many ideas that does not require lots of time wrapping. A gift of experience that celebrates a deepening bond – such as a concert or lecture tickets, sessions with personal trainer, massage, yoga therapy; a gift of learning, again a class you can do together – yoga, dance, cooking, etc. – and as far as learning … musical instruments, CDs, books. E-books are nice but I still like the good old fashioned paper bound books… especially when it comes to poetry, haiku … something about turning a real physical page.

It’s not so much the material object or a thing … as my mother always said – don’t get me anything you can get with money – “it’s the thought that counts.”

True PRESENT is the gift of being, “radically” PRESENT with that person before you.

(“radically present” quotes Judith H. Lasater… love the concept as hard as it is in practice.)

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New Moon week but lunar cycle to move towards full moon when you can see what was hidden in the dark… all that lies dormant only to be woken up from slumber. Love this pointing – the gypsy dreams on while the lion protects her …


Then, there is timeless, eternal … Christina.


She is known to have suffered a muscular deterioration that paralyzed her lower body. To me, she’s as true a yogini as any yogini. Living her best life within her world supported by props of all kinds.

Anything Cute Beautiful Things

$228 million? Me?


Yesterday, at a bank, while waiting for some assistance, a stranger also waiting for a customer service banker asked me,

“Are YOU THE winner of the lottery!?”

This gentleman asked, not jokingly, but seriously, so I was taken aback.


me: “Ummm…hah?” totally dumb-founded confused … “what?”
He: “I thought YOU could be that lottery winner.” finally getting the mistaken identity …thinking… oh, wow …WISH!
me: “why? Did someone win in this town?”
He: “Yes, a big one – didn’t you hear about it?”
me “No, I’ve never bought a lottery ticket in my life – How much did she win?”

He: “$228 million jackpot!


Whatever possessed him to think I could actually be such a winner of fortune? It’s INSANE!
Insane – the way David Chang, Chef of Momofuku would say… just Insane!!! Me?

I guess this interaction made me think about the image I project. I wondered:

DO I look like a 200+million $ Jackpot lottery winner?

According to the local news, the winner turns out to be a man and he “told the California Lottery he has no plans for the money yet.
‘I just want to be a normal man,’ is what he said. It is reported that the winner chose the annuity payment option which will give him the full $228,467,735 jackpot paid out over 30 years.

*** So now the question is – should I be flattered to think that someone actually thought that I could be that


And if you were the winner of a jackpot, what would you do?
How would you spend that ?
Would you want to be just a normal person or ?
It’s interesting to note that lottery winners are not necessarily leading a more fulfilled or happy life. Really.