Visitor from Mt Shasta

I teach – for the most part – maybe eclectic when I weave in some yoga therapeutics –  a gentle flow spiced with yin style and sweetened with restorative style of yoga Sunday nights … what a surprise to have this beautiful herbalist show up from Mt. Shasta to attend the class – also – bearing all these hand-made lotions and potions.  She uses the water from the Mt.Shasta creek in hand-crafting these lotions and aroma spritz.  Thank you Y-san for sharing your creations – I feel and appreciate the care you put into these magical jars and bottles.

These green comfrey creme does wonders for any rash, inflammations … and insect bites, bruises what have you …  

As she makes them herself in small batches, it’s probably best to pre-order so she can custom make them – and best to keep them refrigerated as did you know?  Lotions and potions do have expiration dates just like foods we place in our mouths; these are fed to our skin and absorbed through our pores …so shelf like cannot be beyond 3 months. If they are kept chilled, it feels even better for the hot spots.

* The flowers came from a local senior center as a thank you to the volunteers at their annual Volunteer Appreciation dinner … after the event during cleanup, we were asked to take any of the flower arrangements as a thank you so …  picked this smallest arrangement – Sitting next to the Volunteer Coordinator/Director, I was astounded to learn from her, there are some 700 volunteers throughout the year. There are so many giving, kind humans here.  Is it from some ancient texts that said something to the affect that  – those cultures that takes good care of their aged, sick and the little ones, are the most cultured and civilized.  Thank goodness.  Here, there’s no rhetoric of hate or exclusions.

Mother’s Day Approaching

Naoki demonstrates how he makes these beautiful work of art while his mom gave a talk. She talked about where the fine beads are sourced – mostly Japan known for their delicacy – and how she felt saved by finding this creative channel as an outlet and shining talent for her son in the spectrum – beading and making these beautiful pieces became a calling for her son with autism.  He communicates and connects with others through these creations !

Please check out

and perhaps see his video under the “About” tab:)  I really really love the mom’s statement “anyone can succeed with the right support” and was really moved by her presentation.

Everything that Naoki creates makes for a beautiful Mothers’ Day gift especially appreciating the fact that all these creations are products of labors of love, that celebrates the special bond between this mother and a son. Naoki creates all the delicate bead work together with his mom who helps design them. They are one awesome team!

The event also showcased paintings by a teen artist also living with autism but …beautiful paintings of the cosmos, the galaxy he produced hang with pride on their gallery walls. When kids find their passion, they are unstoppable!  The works of art were remarkable … especially after hearing the stories of struggles and passion where these young artists found their creative outlets.  We walked out with these beautiful earnings which to me resembles sea vegetables and forests … Thank you Naoki-kun.  I can now wear a piece of nature … thanks to your creative and imaginative mind with incredible fine motor skills and focus.


Celebrating Spring in sun kissed room …

Tulips came from a friend visiting from Portland; a beautiful white calla lilies from a yoga student I find endearing; An angel wings hanging came from a girlfriend returning from a trip… all unexpected gifts for no reasons … Each one I don’t usually get to see too often, all leading busy lives.  These sweet gestures teaches me that I too want to become more like them – a human being who knows how to make another being happy for no reasons other than to … it’s not obligatory, with no fancy fanfare, simply from the heart; to give with no expectations; to give without expecting a return.  I want to be more like them – someone who brings joy and light with unexpected small things and subtle gestures.  Let’s all “Be a Nice Human” like these lovely thoughtful beings.  Fuzzy warm feelings all inside thanks to these nice human beings.

Calla Lilies symbolism according to a flower language site is as follows:  “The most common meaning for calla lilies is purity, holiness, and faithfulness. It’s commonly depicted in images of the Virgin Mary. Calla lilies are also symbols for rebirth and resurrection, tied to the resurrection of Jesus in part because they bloom around Easter and in part because they are shaped like trumpets which symbolize triumph.”

& Yellow Tulips?  Apparently according to the same site, it symbolizes “cheerful thoughts” and that they definitely bring.

& a golden heart with angel wings?  To me, it’s something about  holding onto memories of loved ones  … it’s about honoring something so precious as eternal … ultimately it’s about … gratitude.


ポートランドのお友達からチューリップを頂き、ヨガクラスの生徒さんから思いがけなくお庭からのお花で用意された花束を…壁には妹のようにかわいがってくださるお友達からの(エンジェルの羽だそう) 可愛いハートの飾ワォ―ルアートオブジェを頂き、胸がキュンキュン… 送主の皆様なかなか日常ではお会いできない方々ばかりなのですよ~なので余計に感謝の気持ちで一杯です。私もさりげなく人を喜ばせる素手を知っているような人間になりたいな。改めて気がつくと周りにはそういった進化を遂げてる女神がいっぱい…物々交換になってしまうけど楽しくありませんか?中でもうれしかったのはアップルビネガーの一瓶だったり…さりげなくスタイリッシュなお方…私も見習いたいです。そういった何気ない肩が凝らないシェアリングって…いいな。美しい物、体にいい食材などに出会ったら自分だけで独り占めにするのではなく、シェアするって。ヨガもそんな感じでしょうか。良い物、心地よい、体にいいプラクティスはシャアリング、すると自分だけでなく、周りの笑顔がもっと増え、ポジティブな波動が波のように打ち寄せ皆いい物を持ち寄るあのエネルギー補給…するとそれぞれ内面に秘めていた要らないものは処分され、スーと波のように引き寛大な海、大きな宇宙がどんよりした毒素や不安やストレスなど…吸い取ってくれるのですよね。いつもお荷物をしょって負担が重い方こそ得にこの心身共スッキリした身軽くなった心地良さ…味わってもらいたいな… 色々な良き変化が感じとれるプラクティスを捧げます。