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Kyoto Library Lounge

lobby = library it’s gorgeous … sigh
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Kyoto Thousand Cranes

Noting the latte art resembles the swirl on their plates … it’s a tranquil place with super thick club sandwiches. This is the kind of place, we can relax after an early morning departure that left us dog tired and … hungry upon arrival. It’s nothing better than to relax after getting to the designation – now we can study and make plans for this short stay in Kyoto.

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Just an ordinary day ordinary foods …

then a big crash… sirens ring and emergency vehicles come rushing over … soba shop owner on the phone calling emergency. Any day, a tranquil ordinary can be disrupted in a matter of seconds. One day you are just eating lunch, next there’s car crashing in right in front. One day you are alive; one day who knows.

Trying to live in the present and live the fullest, with so much gratitude. Feeling very sorry for the drivers of these vehicles. Praying they are okay.