It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity

Having hiked? trekked Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch in the dead of summer, dazed in summer heat, this temperature is not that crazy … but it’s the humidity.  Feels like 103%, yes, indeed.  It’s exhausting.

Love this TV show … learned more about Chinese Medicine.

My lovely girlfriend made this Paella for a very interesting group in Tokyo

There’s this Okinawa bitter melon slices in this salad that is said to help with heat exhaustion one might suffer from – that’s me … Karuizawa was nice and cool but Tokyo … is too hot and humid.


Yoko Ono used to visit this Cafe with John Lennon

It’s a very modest cafe humbly sitting in the forest 

And their son, Sean so the sign says – “this is the tree marking Sean’s height – please don’t touch”


Mossy earth covering for the beautiful grove of trees … It’s so lush with delicious air to breathe … this was my favorite spot to admire … there’s a little creek with sounds of water streaming to the side that I cannot capture with my iPhone camera.

Breathe In … Breath Out … Hahhhh