Kundalini Yoga & music in SF

What can be healthier ? Breaking into Laughter in a big crowd – looking like a goddess, we were surprised – she has sense of humor !  Not pretending to be some sacred spiritual being … just a normal regular mom, artist, partner, daughter, sister, Being of Light. Goddesses have sense of humor for sure:) The are not bent out of shape but bent 360 degrees flexible, passionate and … powerful !  She’s not the soft white marshmallow angel but a powerful woman with a gift and a purpose.

Laughter, chanting, love, love, love and connection as I held the hand of absolute stranger on my right belting out LOVE, lol:)  We were all vulnerable and that was okay – held hands, swayed, chanted the seed mantras and basked in the vibrations of life.

Life throws you many curve balls but … it’s times like these, it’s good to be alive and well.  Gratitude for the sounds, the vibes … the beauty that resonates.

* Really surprised as she got up and started sounding like a jazz singer … we should not stereotype people is one of my many lessons gleaned from the rich evening.


Because it’s ALL LEVELS class, you have to manage various … expectations and desires.

So I decided on this approach … well aware that I cannot please everyone all the time and … I have to retain my integrity to not just give in. I am sorry. Sometimes what you want, may not be good for you actually.  Seen plenty of such examples.


Me “Anyone relatively new to this class or yoga, can you come see me before class?”

Then an athletic looking trim student comes up to see me as I set up …

Student “I was at your last class so actually not new –  I am back for my second time”

Me “Okay, welcome – any questions or concerns?”

Student “No, not really.”

Me “If you ever do, don’t hesitate to ask, okay? And how did you feel with your last class; how do you feel?”

Student “Well, I am back, aren’t I?”

We both laughed.  It’s a good start. It’s enough.

Nothing theoretical; nothing complicated; nothing philosophical … just that – how do you feel?  Really feel at all spectrum of our authentic being.

I will flip on the tree trunk for that:) My heart is more open – in gratitude.

*Contra-Indications for a bow pose would be (1) back injury; (2)Carpel tunnel syndrome; (3) blood pressure issues – high or low; (4) headaches – so

Modify Upward Bow aka Urdhva Dhanurasana with bolsters OR modify to Bridge pose.

Personally I love bridge pose as it serves as a “bridge” to connect and uplift the heart towards the sky while sacroiliac joint is stabilized with the well grounded feet and stimulation of the thyroid gland taking place.



Srivatsa Ramaswami – the authentic true teacher

Subtitle of his book made me want to learn from him – “Developing Your Practice As an Art Form, a Physical Therapy, and a Guiding Philosophy “ which is reflected in his Sun Salutation cues … it’s not your ordinary gym yoga

Wish I could have joined the 100 hrs. with Sir Ramaswami in LA(only got to do 30 hrs … iSad) as I note that he’s scaling back his teachings … So much knowledge he imparts – surprised to read in the 3-stages book he authored that he passed up studying at Harvard Business School because he wanted to stay with his master guru teacher to keep studying yoga instead.  His cues are deep beautiful chants we sing in unison that truly celebrates the Sun within our soul.  To celebrate the light over darkness – that’s the philosophy he imparts and the physical practice is a manifestation of that intent.  There are few of his certified students in the Bay Area one can learn from if not from the master himself.

All these yoga people do at home alone is maybe nice in its own way but better when practiced in a group class – really – about connecting not only to Self but those all around us.  It’s called the Multiplier effect – creating the vibe and the space for the sun to shine within.