Beautiful People

Love Koharu Sugawara

Energy !

Isn’t she amazing? So crisp ! sharp ! bursting, vibrant, explosive and whimsical – And wouldnt’ it be so great if we can go back to sharing space, energy and the heat again? We get energized by others’ energy – we afterall are tribal creatures and we feed off each others’ vibes … Covid has taken away so much of that – the privilege and fun to share the vibe … to see the expressive artists on stage and in person … BUT those days will return again. There’s nothing, and I mean, nothing better than direct in person contact and “LIVE” ! indulgences – it’s REAL – but for today, I will do anything to get back to what we used to take for granted. The Real-ness. We can do this. It’s the sacrifices we make today, that’s going to bring back this kind of vibe again – sooner.

*Also look up “chain of 8 Dancers creation during corona times in Japan” on utube – if you love dance … of any genre.

Healthy Living

“Love means to stay away”?!

campaign By California Department of Health … I first heard it while driving and listening to Memories by Maroon 5 on the airwaves-  Memories was a song that arose from the sudden loss of the group’s manager (unrelated to Covid) – so oddly, that the song captures the current mood in the air:

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It’s not easy to stay away and it’s not easy for our mental health to be separated for over a year for some … BUT I was recalling those family separations in the old days – what our ancestors, or just predessors in our modern past had endured and … so we’ve been through this before intergenerationally … many immigrants left home countries, many workers moved for opportunities, families got separated in the past (and today)- and back then, there was no such thing as zoom and skype and so on – flying by air was a great undertaking – maybe some had to come on a boat, ships … trek … Now it feels as though we are spreading the pain to increase our abilites to empathize, feel for others and know their pains because …

your pain is my pain;

their pain is our pain; we share our humanity to feel, sympathize, empathize for collective healing. And it feels as though only then, we can really find a solution to a peaceful and thriving co-existence with nature and … each other.

There is no us and them – when we all suffer together – maybe that’s the message from the higher universe. Either we destroy ourselves intent to deepen the divides and separations or come together with mutual respect to bridge the divides and reach out and hold hands and move on – recognizing the interconnectedness of all lives.