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Hand rolls? No nori? No problem!

Other possibiliites – brown rice, black rice – While I prefer crisp aromatic Nori sheets for hand rolls, when we don’t have it, why not use Kale, Swiss Chard or any large deep green leaves for substitute – wilt them a little steamed or massaged (I grilled them just a little with olive oil and squeezed some lemon juice… ) – these are swiss chard – worked really well and just feels good … The feeling of really having nourished our body … is sublime.

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“Umami” Sourced

A special touch to receive a hand-written note of thank you from the company owner for just buying something online:) In this day and age of everything online, we appreciate the warmth of hand written letters more and more. What’s more valued is something that shows that someone took the effort and time to customize something … what a contrast to Amazon shopping. Convenience is there but so is that special touch … the Japanese Kokoro – 心 – it’s heart and mind and spirit … all into one expressed in a simple gesture.