Fire & Air Quality*

Check your local air quality and take care of yourself and your family:)

A grocery store cashier and I struck up a conversation – he says he’s glad to stay indoor because he has asthma. Confides he’s had trouble breathing since 4am Monday morning when he was getting into work (they start early!) – then he says, I have nothing to complain though. Those people lost everything and I’m here okay, he says, as he bagged the apples and basil. There’s so much humanity out there. So truth be told, me too I say – since Monday morning, I’ve been sneezing uncontrollably and my eyes are itchy and if I am like this, I could imagine what inhaling denser smoke can do to you at the sight of devastation. We nodded and agreed. Praying for the winds to quiet down to give the Napa/Sonoma residents the needed relief. Dear Nature (though it’s usually human’s own doing even if it’s called “wild” fire) – please settle down and heed them – have some mercy.

Speaking of relief, the air quality of the studio I teach is so … PURE, I am practically in tears, so grateful. It’s heavenly when you come in from the smoke and dust. It’s something I had taken for granted – I did not know they had installed a special filtering vent system !!! OMG, just read this – I am tearing up with gratitude – I need this kind of purity when I practice – and same for the students. Breath we take is everything:

Our new climate control system is state of art and the best in the Bay Area. Designed by the leading industry consultant, our system combines the optimum ingredients of consistent, evenly distributed heat, cleaned fresh air and warm humidity. It also has CO2 monitoring, allergen removal and pathogen control. The room is virtually odor free.

The system removes contaminants and allergens before they get introduced into the yoga room. Germicidal ultraviolet light rays eliminate and destroy: Bacteria, Odor, Mold & Mildew, Viruses, V.O.C.’s, Cleaning Chemicals, Smog and other Airborne Pollution. The benefits of a clean air environment are enormous, clean air will; help prevent colds and influenza; prevent headaches after class; provide relief from asthma, hay fever and sinus problems; reduce fatigue, and breathing problems; and relieve sore throats, runny noses, wheezing and sneezing. In addition to constantly purifying the air from harmful bacteria, we also installed a humidity system designed to remove excess humidity when too high or to add moisture when too dry. As a result, our students are energized and can focus on their yoga practice without being concerned about the room environment.

Our flooring is anti bacterial, prime cherry wood look-alike, however, is in fact made from 100% recycled rubber. This flooring is used in many hospital operating rooms because of its cleanliness. It also has a slight texture for gripping during postures. It is 100% sealed and therefore easy to keep cleaned. We use an energy efficient gas powered furnace, NOT radiant heating. We do NOT use sweat absorbing carpets.

Wow, just wow in awe. I am so grateful for this place and looking forward to finding refuge there tonight to be connected to that “humanity”.

As I take refuge indoors, I am reminded how much I really need to get out of this smoke filled air that’s giving me a migraine headache and a sore throat. Being super sensitive to scents and dusts, I too now suffering from asthma as I work so distracted with a brain fuzz.

Praying – May we all have clean fresh air to breathe soon.
Mantra of the day – Inhaling Pure white light – Oxygen; Exhaling stale grey smoke …

Break out of that dullness and inertia with a fitness program that does not drain you but rather, recharges you.

To our respiratory health for all this Autumn day – Namaste.

*Told local AQI (Air Quality Index) reached over 100 (out of scale of 500) – while yesterday, it was 60 … for those with respiratory issues, masks that filter out up to even 99% is apparently NOT recommended as you have to breathe even harder with masks creating more stress …stay calm, stretch, yogic heart openers, stay indoors, if lucky enough, find space with air purifiers. Check with your healthcare provider if you need more protection.

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