Yoga Helps Relieve Chronic Pain

This is something I found so comforting during the Chronic Pain Module from Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course I completed.  Yes, studies have shown that practice of gentle but consistent yoga practice can actually help one manage chronic pain.

Here is an excellent article explaining HOW.  Here’s a Harvard study that recommends yoga – standing, seated, reclining and meditation – for arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, low back pain, to mention some conditions prone to light, dull to debilitating pain.  Not all yoga would do – some yoga styles may actually aggravate the condition unless the practice is modified or customized for that student’s particular needs.

Please refer to this article …Here 🙂

Come breathe and practice a therapeutic yoga with me – standing; seated and reclining poses are all sequenced to melt away the stiffness and bring about lightness of being.

Bridge Pose to Upward Bow pose really uses the back muscles and not for everyone especially if one suffers from pain in the shoulders and lower back … when done therapeutically, props are introduced to best support and individualize the pose – meeting the practitioner where they are at; never straining; never pushing – would be our motto of “non-harming”.  (btw, this me on a fallen tree trunk in Tahoe … Urdhva Dhanurasana “Bow” on a Log:)  We can affect the same benefits of this particular HUGE chest opener pose when you insert pyramid of yoga bolsters we may rest our back onto – it’s heavenly when you can just let the arms and legs go … floaty)  Let me know if you’d like to try that version rather than this one pictured here.

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