What’s in them?

Days are longer and brighter, April showers are winding down, it’s Spring and some of us, reminded that the Beach weather is on the horizon, may at this time be re-vowing the New Year’s Resolution to hit the gym or the trails.  When one does not exercise regularly – but suddenly do, or take it to the extreme, muscle pains may ensue.  Or if you suffer from various chronic pains, whatever the season, you might be reaching out for these lotions and potions to alleviate the tightness, sores and pains.  But wait – Do we know what’s in these ointments ?

Reading the fine print on some of these body care products may be Greek to most of us non-chemists, while I did hear once that if you cannot pronounce the ingredient, it’s probably in need of further study.  Like with anything, in moderation appears to be safest way to go but with anything, slathering them on to the excess is an invitation for further inquiry.  This news for example highlights what I am referring to.  No, we should not live in fear, just conscious, and very mindful of what we expose ourselves to.  With knowledge and shared wisdom, we need not live in fear or create a bubble that shields, around us.  Yoga may allow us to be more flexible and more open and receptive to shared new ideas on how to question and to do our own study to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Therapeutic yoga is wonderful, this too, if applied correctly and in right doze, the practice can really help with pain management or prevention and enhance our lives –  as there are no side affects – provided we don’t let our ego and vanity get in the way of practicing the kind of yoga that elevates us to that place of loving kindness to Self and others all around us …

Been using EWG to find non-toxic and environmental and health conscious personal care products. As for beauty products, this site is very informative.

These labels are so difficult to really understand and to measure the toxicity.   This APP, “Think Dirty” was highly recommended by a good friend leading a very conscious and well informed lifestyle. One can get the app for your phone and get started – it’s free.

Reading labels sometimes make us more confused than ever so ratings and recommendations from EWG is very helput as this app, called “Think Dirty”  (I don’t care for this name … but a good app) . Just like EWG, products are rated from 1-10, 10 being most toxic; 1 least.  Thank you C-san for an easy app – fun to scan the bar code to search their data base and also fun that you get to add a product unlisted in the database.

Just was with food, we make sure that what we take INTO our bodies are healthy and safe: what we breathe in; put on and be absorbed through pores of our skin and scalp as much as what we put into our mouths.

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