Equipped with so much wisdom and knowledge ! That’s how I would describe Saraswathi Devi, who has been inspiring and teaching yoga for over 40 years. She is known in Berkeley as founder and lead instructor of CalStar Yoga program on UC Berkeley campus. 

Such a treat to learn from her this weekend at Niroga Institute with other Karma Yogis!  

One of the cohorts, always profound Ms. J, expressed our sentiment so well when she said

“Thank you for doing what you do.”

When we see a yogi in service, it’s instantly recognizable – that feeling of reverence we have when we are in presence before one who serves with love, compassion and equanimity even when faced with adversity. I can only hope to cultivate that kind of generosity in my service to others… besides, I appreciate the humor she shares with “unbridled joy”. (her words – ah… her voice has the deepest rich vibrations she could have been an opera singer; her flowing language so poetic, her humor so dead-on.)

Thank you for the training Niroga; thank you for the teachings Saraswathi Devi.
& Thank you for her students who came and shared their stories with us so that we know to recognize their whole being, their humanity – they are no different than us, just more brave, more patient, more …amazing!

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