Chai brewed

to awaken the senses ! Usually make it with Amazake but just with almond milk this time – and was reminded of the yummy spicy chai Regina used to make and offer generously at the friendly neighborhood yoga studio – when will that brew come back?

Fresh ginger, cinnamon & other spices + orange zest
Stir with organic ginger stick – for Life:)
Baked finger molasses cookie serving chai with candied ginger, walnut and Brazil nut.
With few medals from the Imperial household … recognized for lifelong service …Wonder what he thinks of what’s going on right now here on this earth. Its enough to do what makes everyone safe, healthy and happy – for that effort no matter how small, we all deserve a medal !
Honoring my grandfather with few imperial medals gracing his heart center way way back at an era when only a very few were chosen. An old portrait brought back last time visiting my mother in February – So surreal to think that just few years ago we can have arms around your family and now… not …a sobering reality – that we may have to wait awhile before we are able to “put arms around each other” like good “old” times which only means 9 weeks ago. oxox

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