Mother’s Day Lanyards

Have you ever read a poem called “The Lanyards” by Bill Collins? Here, I am referring to Bill Collins, New York born and bred, an acclaimed poet, a former Poet Laureate of United States. Read The Lanyards and tell me what you think? It’s bitter sweet … that thought hovering in our minds as we send that bouquet of flowers to our mother. Two lanyards came out of drawers when Kondo Mari-ing out the drawers … only to not be able to toss them. These will probably go back to that same drawer as I make little progress in the challenging art of de-cluttering. Here’s some aging mint leaves for a little “art”, marveling at how bored hands can create such craft work that no one appears to take the time making anymore – Pandemic sheltering or not – crafty children’s fingers are so nimble and capable:)

Happy Mother’s Day ! Gratitude to the divine who glowed radiant for 9 months and labored and birthed us; then raised us into this world full of wonder and myriads of experiences to be had. We would not be here if it were not for you.

In nurturing energy and sustaining power of Shakti, Shiva co-resides to destroy the systems and believes so dysfunctional in order to rebirth and renew to usher in new fresh enlivened regeneration. At a heightened awareness, making sense out of this crises – it’s a welcomed shift of consciousness – We have to believe that.

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