“Beautiful Broken Things”

They catch the light differently … beautiful broken things …musing “reflections”…
white-mirror-546x900– Zane Lewis, Shatter Painting Collection …

There is a rest in brokenness. You lie on that hard ground, unable to function as you did before. So you lie there. There are no more “should s” because the luxury of self-recrimination was taken from you when you fell and broke into pieces of the earth below. “Cannot” doesn’t matter now, either. All that exists in this moment is “What is Now.”


And there is beauty in the brokenness. It is a beauty of constellations in the scars,
of tides in the tears, the heat of fire in the bleeding of you.
In the abrupt quiet that follows and unexpected injury, a sacred silence fills you.
And because there is nothing left in you that can create, push, force, be, or drive into,
there is a blessed empty space, to be filled by something other than all the crazed and busy thinking, the manic achieving, and the over-scheduled hours.

This blessed, beautiful brokenness is the prayer that summons the spirit, calls forth the angles, lays us down gently.
In these seasons of humble brokenness, we are opened, utterly. There is not protecting yourself here.
This is the stripping way of ego-driven, striving conception.

Let there be grace.
Let there be mercy.
Allow the broken places to show you their beautiful rest.

The broken stick on the forest floor is the branch who earned her rest. I bless the stick. I bless the branch. I bless the rest.

– Sarah LaRosa
With humility, allow the healing to take place …broken pieces will come together again … Here, take my hand – let me help you up… Then, moving onward you go, all fixed.
Yes, repaired, fixed, renewed … like magic, no longer broken.
No longer fragile… but strong and steady.
Now Fixed and whole, beautiful; Before shattered and broken, but you know, beautiful still, yes … fragile but strangely beautiful
because … it’s not the physical that you see throbbing with pain
but its what you cannot see that’s glowing and beautiful.
And it’s true … realizing there’s beauty in broken things.
sm_IMG_6520Finding balance on the wobbly drift wood and sticks and stepping stones … crossing the river … healing sounds of flowing water engulfs you. Energy of healing for the broken on the mend, reaching to the cellular level, one reclaims her true essence. Breathe in – forest fresh energy; Breathe out – sayonara to the stale and the toxic. Pause. Rest. Then… Meditate. When you come out of it – you will have it back – the clarity, the sparkles, the light, the smile, the original “you”.

Bathing in the forest, rediscovering how beautiful the “broken” imperfect things are.

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