Mother’s Day Approaching

Naoki demonstrates how he makes these beautiful work of art while his mom gave a talk. She talked about where the fine beads are sourced – mostly Japan known for their delicacy – and how she felt saved by finding this creative channel as an outlet and shining talent for her son in the spectrum – beading and making these beautiful pieces became a calling for her son with autism.  He communicates and connects with others through these creations !

Please check out

and perhaps see his video under the “About” tab:)  I really really love the mom’s statement “anyone can succeed with the right support” and was really moved by her presentation.

Everything that Naoki creates makes for a beautiful Mothers’ Day gift especially appreciating the fact that all these creations are products of labors of love, that celebrates the special bond between this mother and a son. Naoki creates all the delicate bead work together with his mom who helps design them. They are one awesome team!

The event also showcased paintings by a teen artist also living with autism but …beautiful paintings of the cosmos, the galaxy he produced hang with pride on their gallery walls. When kids find their passion, they are unstoppable!  The works of art were remarkable … especially after hearing the stories of struggles and passion where these young artists found their creative outlets.  We walked out with these beautiful earnings which to me resembles sea vegetables and forests … Thank you Naoki-kun.  I can now wear a piece of nature … thanks to your creative and imaginative mind with incredible fine motor skills and focus.

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