Boost Prana

Salmon light tempura battered, fried in grape seed oil, then marinaded in citrus and umami-enriched broth with lots of red onions and sea veggie& lemon garnish:)Mozzarella cheese topped with sliced tomatoes and basil.  Garnish of multitude colored cherry tomatoes, dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegarWhat rare kind of camellia – so beautiful … orchids floating Brought a Japanese dish and an Italian dish to a gathering. Welcomed by beautiful flower arrangements all over this zen space of a home and dishes by even better home chefs and … prana contents. These hosts have exquisite taste displayed in subtle touches throughout.

Should we be canceling gathering with friends and sharing food and stories, too fearful of germs virus and the unknown. No. Trust Human connections and nourishment and … beauty.

Thank you M&A 🙏 Your elegance in how you surround yourselves with all things beautiful… was a prana booster in today’s world of constant fear factors, anger and separations.  A much needed boost.

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