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Data shows that the most populated city in the world, ranked number one is … Tokyo?

Q: Why is it that I feel so safe walking around even at night than I do any other cities in USA?

A: Strict gun control. Private citizens are banned from owning a gun and no one is complaining. Zero. In Japan, there’s ZERO tolerance for private citizens owning a gun for the sake of community harmony and safety.

In fact all eight listed above have Zero policy or at the very least sensible strict restrictions. In civilized society we chose law enforcement and the military to be the ones to carry guns, private citizens have no need for them. Some of the guns with automatic features are strictly for the battlefield- unless you want your daily life to be about dealing with fear that a minority of people are screwed up in hallucinatory thinking that they must wage a war each day. Don’t we live in a civilized society? Isn’t there a social contract when it comes to community safety?

When you know no one can show up brandishing a gun then there’s general feeling of safety and security. It’s common sense – if there’s no weapons of massive assault and harm, then we all invariably feel safe and protected from harm’s way. The entire community.

Grateful that I spent my childhood at schools in the most populated city in the world when a student do not have to worry about gun violence- No fear. Instead, I had enough other matters to worry about – tests, making friends, keeping friends, eating yummy lunch, PE, being called upon or not being called upon … why create additional anxiety and fear ? Children already have enough on their plate to deal with.

Give American kids safety and freedom to have their childhood back. They can’t vote people! You have to for them to protect them and their/our future!

May wisdom and peace prevail(^^)

Anything Cute

Stroller with baby

I was a little surprised to see a stroller WITH A BABY in it, unattended but … no worries, we are in Tokyo! The mom must be around somewhere!!

Ohhh, yes …

Looks like mom needs her coffee. Yes.

Maybe only in Tokyo, a mom can leave a stroller out in the street and go into get her latte – crazy but right in front of my eyes – there you go. And she didn’t look like the neglectful mess of a mom. Well dressed, sweet doting mom she was. Go figure.

We get spoiled with this sense of safety here.

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