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Honoring the Teacher …It’s been too long

Need to get back To our practice

From Darkness To the Light

To our teachers

To our families

To our motherland


To our mothers

In reverence to those who continue to inspire enlighten and … serve whether in person or from afar. We are thinking about you always.


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Rumi’s seeds – Gratitude

All from our gardens – we must sow our seeds on this shared earth. Rumi is a master at sowing the seeds … where flowers will bloom if one is willing to toil the soil to make it fertile … It’s work. It’s good. Namaste.

August 15th is actually my late father’s 命日”Meinichi” or a anniversary date of his passing. It’s also a day marking the End of War (our last “world war” – not the latest regional wars)

A side note: Super interesting site directed to Japanese Middle Schoolers but anyone can benefit is THIS:), where there is an article that it’s only in Japan August 15th is officially recognized as end of WWII and start of peacetime whereas rest of the world celebrates a slightly different date.

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Rumi’s lesson on virtues of


Arigato to Rumi for these RumiSabi (as on WabiSabi word play – essence of play:) brand, best cottage brand in this ‘hood. Master in the art of patience- that’s our Japanese Rumi evoking the ancient spirit of Rumi. We are one.