IT’S TWO MINUTES! That’s 120 seconds – You do not get more because you are more priviledged… Nor should you talk over the other – it’s not a debate when you talk over the other – it’s called cheating ! Watching Debate is bad for your health

when the man does not play by the rules and exhibits no courtesy nor decency of fair play. As your blood boils and pressure may go off the charts when – a man, a sneaky trecherous one, never answers the question straight (and so slow like a robot with memorized scripts – appears he can’t go off that script for he may lose it). Never has clear logical real plans but dodging responsibilities, just covering up for his boss – he is SLOW SO SLOW, scary – he’s only able to stick to his own memorized script, not nimble, cheats by going over the allocated time, over and over again. So, do some of us get more time on ourtests? How about few extra minutes on SATs ? Is that just? Talking over the time limit over and over – exhibiting the same arrogance and disdain for the rules of the game and fair play. It’s obvious he does not respect women and minorities (combined rainbow actually is almost at equal footing).

ALL Decent people should be angry. She should not have to say “May I finish? Afterwards, we can have a conversation.” Or “I’m speaking.” but glad she did ! The flair; the grace.

OHHH, by the way, I do not mind paying more taxes UNLIKE someone, if it goes to help the whole community to advance to a better state. We WANT TO pay our fair share – again- unlike someone who evades.

Did anyone notice the fly?

And fact-check, fact-check, fact-check.


Staying Low Key when some are grieving or faced with inordinate challenge …

Hey, it’s okay that this year does not count. It’s okay we didn’t master another foreign language or a musical instrument – it’s okay we didn’t “improve” ourselves during these months since March. It’s okay if we didn’t clean out the garage and all the drawers and KonMari the entire living space for zen living… if you accomplished nothing, it’s still … okay. A plague… a pandemic is not an everyday occurence and normalcy should not be expected during such a time of great stress. All we can do is uplift ourselves the best we can. Just working and holding it together is awesome.

Just be caring, breathing and supporting each other is … enough. It’s enough just being a descent human being with capacity for empathy and compassion. It’s interesting when we are filled with gratitude just to have decent air quality for couple of hours to breathe freely outside … even simple thing like that had been hard to come by with all the wild fires everywhere, latest being in Napa, Calistoga… We are reduced to just being grateful for having fresh air, good sustenance and that includes human company virtually and preferably in person:) Recognizing all that we took for granted – the freedom to just fly and visit friends and family; freedom to just get in the car and visit a sick friend; freedom to just walk into a grocery store and grab something, in and out instantly; freedom to hug givingly and shake hands firmly for reassurance – let those “normal” activities go for just a little … it’s called “sacrifice” for a greater good to come sooner, much much sooner than hobbling along with no end in sight. Vaccine and therapeutics is not going to be the only answer and even so, just like flu vaccine, perhaps a new strain mutates and new medical advancement has to be made … so it’s a catch-up when it’s not nipped in the bud. It’s not a cure-all and not to pin all hopes on that alone. Our resiliance is tested.

Thank you for today … Thank you to the fire fighters, nurses and doctors, the professionals … all the people who pick the produce in the smoggy fields … Thank you for wearing the masks correctly (over nose and mouth) even if you feel invincible like an incredible hulk (pumped up from steroids?), feeling just great and fit. Not everybody is so lucky get to be invincible with the best available healthcare afforded – shouldn’t a wealthiest country in the world have affordable care for every citizen? (interesting to note those joggers and cyclists are now wearing masks – yeah, at times of poor air quality masks come in handy too… so just wear them to get used to them)

Above all,

Thank you for your kindness. We all have a soul … and that soul, we need to re-examine. Jobs, good economy, good environment … all comes when we reach for the soul, the soul that rejects hate, violence, arrogance, greed and dishonesty – embraces Love, Peace, Humility, Generosity and Truth. It’s hard, but starting simple, starting with …