Today’s Populized Sun Salutation

Just FYI:) And so I may do them for fitness but this may be also why I am drawn more to softer, “real” side of yoga … My “theory” is that as Yoga traveled and spread to the East (as opposed to West), certain parts of Yoga meshed with Taoism in China (maybe … just a theory)… and the physical aspects with Marshal Art forms in China (shao-lin kung fu, qui-gong, Tai-chi), Korea and Japan (Judo, Karate, Aikido, even Kendo… maybe) … and in Japan, certain, aspects (the 7 out 8 Limbs of Patanjali Yoga) meshed with Shinto-ish beliefs, Buddhism and the emergence of Zen school of Buddhism, Zen Buddhism. It’s just a hypothesis and I am not a scholar to dig into historical archives to research – that would definitely be a lifetime work and I rather experience yoga than study it as theory. I rather … practice… the fusion, the integration of all.

Anyway … what was it ?

“Yoga is 99 percent practice, 1 percent theory.”

But when there’s not even a 1 percent, that 99% is probably not yoga. Body building is a fine intention too – we want that too – in moderation:) As with anything we undertake, it’s informed and defined by our intention.
A pursuit to find relief and more freedom in our body; to recognize our body to be a safe home … that is … enough. It’s simple. Ultimately we want to optimize our health, body, mind and spirit to live fully with joy. It’s all good. 100%:)

This is the world of muscles … if hardened and rigid, needs a good way to stretch and release … the coiled tension.

Then there’s the rest of the body …and deeper inside, more and more. Then, there’s the mind, the psyche … all connected and presents itself as One. Or does it?