The Lymphatic System includes organs?!

Learning something new everyday! I was surprised to read that the lymphatic system includes several other organs such as the tonsils (glands located at the back of your throat that filter bacteria); the adenoids, and the spleen and the thymus (filtering organs that screens the blood and produce white blood cells). No wonder the lymphatic system is so vital as much as our blood vessels and nervous system are.

Noting that when the lymphatic system becomes overly stressed, they become sluggish as we experience the following:

chronic fatigue
swelling in lymph nodes (like throat, armpits or groin)
muscle aches and pains
joint pains
sore throats and getting colds more often
frequent infections or viruses
fibromyalgia symptoms
and …even cancer formation

The body protects us from infection and illness by trapping microbes found in our tissues (mostly bacteria we pick up from the environment) and sending them to the lymph nodes, where they become “trapped.” This keeps the bacteria from spreading and causing further problems like viruses. Once the bacteria are trapped, lymphocytes attack and kill the bacteria. Then the lymphatic system, our body’s drainage system will eliminate the toxins out of our system, protecting us.

Yoga can help in restoring the healthy function with the gentle coaxing through asana, breath and centering practices afforded in a regular practice you maintain. Yoga works.

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