Pop Spirituality I love

Maybe few weeks ago, I received a feed from Deepak Chopra that really resonated with me. He’s been introduced by Oprah enough and with all those best seller self-help books – which I have not read any of.  But I love this – loosely quoting him:

If you want to experience peak state,  transcendence, that “flow”, the lightness of being, there are 3 steps:


  1. Start by NOT identifying with your personal history;

  2. Eliminate the need for approval and self-importance;

  3. Be aware in the present moment

To not dwell on the past and not letting the past determine who you are today is the first step – to let go of the past, the “sanskaras” – the groove and patterns and habits that imprints but does not serve you today; Then to be more grounded and centered in self-acceptance and love that you no longer seek outside validation.  To no longer be insecure and weak; and then finally, to be fully engaged and conscious in the here and now.

Actually he summarized the main tenet of yogic philosophy very simply – a bit more is missing but for now, give this a try.  It sounds easy and yet so hard to do … but whenever I do, I am able to slip into that state of yoga, that ultimate effortless being who is free and … light.

Hoping to create that safe space and hold that space so we can all regain that lightness and ease of being.


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