Lion’s Pose Benefits

Heads UpThe yoga Lion Pose also stimulates the platysma, which is a flat thin muscle in the front of the throat. This is the muscle that pulls down the corners of the mouth and also wrinkles the throat. It is believed that this exercise will help to prevent the sagging of the throat with age. Additionally, this pose helps promote good posture and in turn increases confidence levels. (excerpt from

late BKS Iyengar:)

Perhaps slip this pose in – when you see agitation among some who carry too much stuff and scuffle with furrowed brows or raspy voice …maybe just maybe.
Consider these therapeutic applications of the lion pose. Roaring ! It may be just about cleansing out the stale air all at once, throw out all the angst (Tamas, the dullness) to shift the mood, the greater benefits include:

Removing wrinkles – facial yoga thing…
Curing stutters
Curing teeth grinding
Curing clenched jaws
Helpingin decreased burning in eyes
Reliving back pain
Relaxing tensed up neck muscles
Improving the tone of the voice

Really? Really never know until you try it, right?

Cool – Judith Lasater with the late Master in her youthful (still is actually) days ! So happy to have studies with her – a grandma but still teaching ! Respect!!

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