Brain weight … 3lbs or 1300 gm-ish

and the HEAD weighs about 11-12 lbs on the average. Which means ? When we realize that a 3 months old baby weighs about 12 pounds, it’s a bundle of joy up there. It’s not an uncommon discomfort to carry those all familiar knots in the shoulder girdle region (which controls the most mobile joint for that full range limb, the arms) and the neck – literally we are saddled with heavy burdens on our shoulders or with TLC and erect posture with open chest, a bundle of joy. You might hear the the creaking, cracks of a stressed neck if you have a posture that does not carry the head gracefully …or have to engage in work that requires you to stoop or curve your back in such away to cause blockages of energy up the spine.
Neck grinding and cracking? What would alleviate that – shaking your head ? No, steady, gentle and well calibrated … stretching would help.
Engaging in self-study and then … act of self care, proceeding with mindful care in the process – in fact, enjoy the PROCESS not so much about the full expression of the pose.

Just going over the basics of basics in class to reclaim more freedom in that trouble spot this week – feel better.
BTW, if you are becoming an anatomy nerd, then this site might actually be FUN !

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