There’s a reason we seek out alternative medicine.

No side effects ! Only positive effects:)
Of course we need Western medicine for acute care and many many times we are saved by the advances made in modern medicine. If it weren’t for advances in Western medicine, many of us would not be here today, I get that. I am grateful that there’s this healthcare that serves the needs of us all. (Truly hope that’s the case anyway.)

Yet alternative medicine of valid, scientifically evidenced based nature can serve to compliment the Western medicine in areas Western medicine do not care to cover or is not in their scope to care about. For example, if you have chronic pain, do you continue to rely on drugs like Opiod? Is that the only way? What about back pains? Is surgery the answer? Alternative medicine like therapeutically oriented yoga, acupuncture, tai-chi, Qui-Gong, chiropractic sessions, EXERCISE! (Ayurveda, homeopathy, herbs) – These kinds of healing modalities are not a cure; it’s not overnight miracles. Mostly, it should be about preventative medicine… It’s more of a shift in choices we make, a lifestyle change where you have to do it repeatedly on regular basis and results are not drastic or right after one lesson or one session. We know this but don’t stick with it. In Yogic philosophy terms, it’s about progressing from a Tamasic state to … Rajastic … then cultivating that well balanced Sattvic state of being. Ultimately, it’s about a person taking responsibility for her/his own health and setting a goal to stick with it.

Once you do, the “results” are subtle. It may be more that you only notice the discomforts over time when you SKIP THE PRACTICE – then you slip again, slowly over time into downward spiral.
The positive effects of disciplined repeated practice may be very gradual and sometimes slow … like simmering good pot of stew, you let it simmer over time, stir it, season it … let it cook … slowly, souly. Let it take time enjoying the aroma, the warmth … the gathering of friends … find a garnish, sprig of mints, basil … dollop of cream, curls of shaved cheese … parsley, sage … it’s Sattvic

Nourishment – to boost your immunity and give the vitality to shine bright:)
Sharing THIS:)

Seems like a no brainer to try Yoga – it’s low cost, needs no hardware. Barefoot, you just need your body and mind.

Ah, a mat might help …
and few props:)

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