We need some College Humor to get through?

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
(OORD-vah MOO-kah shvon-AHS-anna)
urdhva = upward
mukha = face
svana = dog
asana = pose
While I realize this may offend some people, thought to share this video from utube. If you could just lighten up in the midst of all this perceived confusion designed to create a sense of instability and turbulence. With all the rhetoric of divisiveness flying about, we have to question what is the truth? What is your own truth? What do you hold dear? If you can laugh about something, you can triumph over fear/hate to invite in more acceptance, tolerance, kindness and inclusions. Life’s after all about relationships, connections and love/service. At present, what words, things, thinking, belief system deter from what’s most important?

I realize January 30th is an anniversary of this great leader of non-violence …perishing at the hands of radical angry hater … but has Ghandi’s ideas and call for non-violence perish with him? I don’t think so in spite of all the violent outbreaks around the world. When one can use sense of humor, we can overcome the ridiculousness of all at times. Even at the very micro-level around us – why do we quarrel and fight over … sometimes such petty things in the scheme of things? From darkness to light … when you can roll your eyes and laugh even if it’s not politically correct.

Let’s lighten up. Not making light of the serious issues of the day and there are plenty … but let us lighten up – That intention alone will free you from fear. Don’t let fear grip you – laugh in its face and move, act and …help.

Offsetting the negative emotions with some positive ones – to find that balance at all times.
Giving ourselves permission to be light-hearted.
It’s okay.

Then maybe some spin class after that yoga class:) It’s good exercise !

Just blend and mix that fitness cocktail, inviting that feeling of lightness and ease amidst the challenge. It feels good.

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