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Yet another poem by

late Sachiko Yoshihara

Power of Self-Dicipline

To The Gen Z’s

I confess, as much as I desperately wanted to kill myself

ultimately, I share that I never succeeded in killing myself

not even once

It’s probably because, rather than to die

or to kill,

I found writing I ended up writing

But in that same vein,

one must not replace living by writing

If you can save yourself from having to kill yourself by writing, and still you want to kill yourself, then,

poetry is as useful as


poetry IS my medicine

But one must not stop living by writing

But one must not stop loving by writing

I’ve found that an actual “real”flower is definitely lost – poof – disappears – as soon as I write the word “flower”

Likewise dragging my feet on writing paper makes my life insignificantly blithe and livable

Maybe even tolerable

so I set out to walk around erasing my foot prints, only to find new foot prints following right behind me.

(translated by K. Tsuyama)

Sachiko Yoshihara


It’s actually addressed “To The Youth” of the time. The poem was prompted when Yoshihara served as one of the panalists serving as a judge for a high school poetry contest. It is said that she was surprised, saddened and triggered by so many entries that expressed many teens’ desire to end their lives. She felt the anguish, a certain suicide ideation in many of the student entries which prompted her to write this poem.


















As this poem is about how one uses the Discipline to not destroy oneself, one of the 8 limbs of yoga popped up in my head as it is that Discipline or Restraint (for harm to self and others) that will ultimately save us, preserves us, empowers us to live a more fulfilling yogic (that of content and inner peace) life.

1. YAMA – Restraints, moral disciplines or moral vows

YAMA – “Restraint, moral disciplines or moral promise/vows”

Yama is the first limb or the principal. There are 5 YAMAS in the practice of yoga.

There are five Yamas: 

  • Ahimsa (non-violence), 
  • Satya (truthfulness), 
  • Asteya  (non-stealing), 
  • Brahmachaya (right use of energy), and 
  • Aparigraha (non-greed or non-hoarding). 

Recommended Reading: “Light on The Yoga Sutras” by BKS Iyengar

By Kay T. Ananda

Yoga brings Joy!
Joy to your body, heart, soul and allows your mind to settle all the debris to the bottom of the lake, ripples gently subsides so that like that shining water, your lake in your mind is still and crystal clear. Only then, you can find your truth... when your mind clears and all distractions are gone, leaving you - stillness and clarity. Peace.
Dog is doing yoga all the time and brings you laughs!
Anger is borne out of fear; how do we find that fearless path of inner peace?
Why Bark when you can Wag to express your JOY Joy joy !!!???

帰国子女としてニューヨーク、テヘラン、カリフォルニアと転々、いずれ東京に帰る意識で日本語高等部卒大卒後シリコンバレーにとどまる。ヨガはカリフォルニア州立、バークレー大学時代、ストレス解消に効くと教授に教わり試してみるが... 合わずジャズサイズ、ウェイトトレーニング、エアロビックスのクラスに移転の20代、30代、産後、過労で体調を崩し大病も治癒。死ぬかと思った~大病後、久しぶりに足を踏み入れたヨガスタジオのヨガが大学時代のスローでポーズごと器械体操ごとく、つまらなーいヨガとはまったく違い進化していた。流れる踊りの振り付け的なヨガに魅せられる。数々の流派があることを習い、数種類のスタイルを試す。ビクラム、ホット、アイヤンガー、ヴィンヤサ、アシュタンガ・パワー、などなど。数年前サンフランシスコにて、ヨガアライアンス認定インストラクター養成を経て、インストラクター証書習得。同じ年にキッズヨガインストラクター証書ゲット。リストラテイブヨガ、インストラクター認定、陰ヨガのインターン、アシスト後、陰とヴィンヤサ、レギュラーハタクラスを教える。又プライベート、セミプライベートレッスンをクライアントのニーズの合わせ、ヨガセラピストとしてセラピー集中ヨガ提供。その為に2年間のアドバンスコースに挑みc-IAYT証書習得!ヨガ療法士としてIAYT(国際ヨガセラピスト協会)認定のヨガセラピスト、C-IAYT(Certified-IAYT) 10年以上、ベイクラブ、ヨガスタジオ、シリコンバレー社などで子育て中週4-5回レギュラーレッスンの講師を務める。3月2020にあの頃は最後とは知らずの週2教えていたスタジオにてのインパーソンヨガクラスを後に…遠方介護ニーズとコロナ禍を機に当分はパブリッククラスリードからはリタイア。
自分自身が心と体の調和で得た平穏…日常の小ちゃな事に見出す喜びをヨガ愛好者のどなたとでもと共有できたらと願うばかり。ジョイを共有し、ジョイフルライフを。そう、もし犬に例えるのであれば、恐れや威嚇で吠えまくる犬ではなく、シッポふりふり笑顔で愛と喜びに満ちた心持をヨガを通しシャア。恥じる気持ち等恐れず誰でもできる自身ジョイフルヨガを肝に銘じりたい。LOVE LOVE LOVE:)Shanti Shanti Shanti:)