Gratitude to Persian Hospitality 

Persian hospitality is generous. They have an appreciation for aromatic flavors such as saffron and fresh herbs like mints … then dreamy scents of rose water and orange blossoms:) while fresh fruits are plentiful and rainbow of fresh vegetables are abundant.  My friend works away in the background making sure all her guests are at home and well fed – but after she makes sure that all her guests are well taken cared of, she would kick up her heels and dance with a wine glass in one hand! Where’s the music ? She calls out to her handsome son who then becomes a DJ, lol, while her partner busily fills the guests’ glasses.

She’s delightful!! Like her name that means “bright” or “light”, from the land of Hafiz and Rumi, she knows Joy – Yes, she knows how to give a party!  A joyful caregiver she is, there are “survivors” amongst us because of her. I admire how she brings life and joy to her family and friends. 

All gratitude:)

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