Earth Day

A day before Earth Day on Easter Sunday we celebrated by volunteering at a San Francisco Beach Cleanup. It feels good to do our part by putting in some time and labor for a wonderful NPO called Surfrider.

The littering of our beaches is disheartening- but to counter the ills we caused, picking up cigarette buds, wrappers of all kinds, plastics …

Volunteers sort the collected trash from the beach into various bags for disposal … they are such amazing crew, dedicating the Sunday morning to cleanup and preserve the beauty of the coastal beaches.

Provided with orange pails rubber gloves, we are off to wonder the beach for upwards of 2 hours … after our work, the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean is again free of pollutants.

Brunch reward after 2 hours of beach cleanup 🙂

My screenshot from few days ago ! So happy to RISE to the task and make Earth Day truly meaningful … Inhaling lots of Enthusiasm 🙂

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