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How will 12 year olds LEARN this upcoming school year? How will his and his classmates’ moms or/and dads survive remote learning? During this unprecedented time of global pandemic, we put all these endless causes for endless worries in a box labeled “worry box” and keep putting in the contents from our anxious brain. We may wake up before dawn with racing thoughts, sometimes, dreadful black clouds may shut out the light. But sun rises, sun sets, the cycles of the moon perpetuates – regardless. Several tools to deal with this commonly held thoughts of – wait, we didn’t plan for this – wait, does anything I do now count?

Or we can choose a practice of mindfulness.

When one thought after another clutter our minds – we choose the time to open that box of worries – set once a day – pull out the worries lika a magician pulling out a rabbit out of a hat – ponder of then, constructively tackle each and all – take action where needed – problem solve if possible – if impossible to solve because it’s not within our control – then – put them back into that “worry” box. There’s no need to obsessively over and over rummage through this box throughout the day. Just revisit once a day each day for allocated set aside time. We are in control of setting that time. Rather than merely reacting, we are in control of our thoughts and actions. Those thoughts and actions are chosen to benefit us not only survive but thrive … in spite of whatever turmoil, pain and suffering we are undergoing.

Rest of the 24 hours minus that time, we live the now, focused on the “work” or “play” or “care” at hand – to be in “wonder” of the everyday routine miracles. Back on the mat – off the mat – stay with that intention you set for yourself throughout the day. Sure, we go astray sometimes but … then we let our inner higher self beckon us back onto the mat or wherever that gives you the inner focus to again take that aim … to peg ourselves to the present moment, to really be conscious and super awake.

20 – 30 minutes a day – if you can afford it – one hour- take time out to empty our minds from distractions and toxic loopy thoughts – restore our circuitry – to re-balance- to re-calibriate that harmony – to just be, not do. Free ourselves from busy agitated minds, even if it’s for a moment. To be in the flow, allowing us to distill the swirls of thoughts, moods, emotions into … clearly seeing what’s most important.

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