Anything Cute Healthy Food

Birthday Gems

I received this box of beautiful chocolates for my birthday … it comes from DC from a family member so dear I have not seen for over a year … sigh…

So beautiful but ironically have not been able to eat not even one piece due to you know … my disrupted digestive flora?

Thanks to the Aryuvedic based and Ancient Japanese remedies, and my continued BLAND FOOD DIET, I hope I may be able to indulge this week … counting the days. Such a treat to look forward to when Covid restrictions seem suffocating to this freedom loving yogi.

Beautiful Places

Stones =GEMS! Love this neighborhood!


Lucky Stone

Mysterious stone SO cute was found on our fence- I am so grateful for this mystery- thank you for this gift. I feel happy there’s someone in our neighborhood leaving these stones to bring a little joy to uplift, otherwise pretty stressful times.

It’s beautiful.