The Silicon Valley trend: The natural C-curve neck morphing into Straight neck

& so what’s wrong with that?

Unfortunately, plenty …

Straight neck means that the cervical spine has lost the natural swan like graceful supple C-shaped curve that better supported and balanced the weight of our head (10 lbs and up) and that reduced flexibility leads to:

– always a compensation takes place from one part of the body to another – burdened shoulders suffering tension, tightness, stiffness, straight in the case of cervical spine means … stiffness!

– caving in and forward affect of slumping posture

– sagging affect in the front of the neck

– creating more deep lines and fine wrinkles on throat area and over time … let the drum roll …

– droopy or even onset of premature double chin especially vulnerable after a common weight gain which happens for most of us after the holiday season !

Yes … it’s scary lol

Incorporating in the practice some techniques from ~ of course,  Yoga !

Take a Before photo … and let’s compare with an After photo after a month … then 2 months … I am confident that if you follow my instructions, a transformation, however subtle will take place. Most true transformation is not an instant miracle but gradual and subtle … over time.

Normal C-Curve 

Straight Neck aka Tech Neck

Here’s an actual x-ray photo of a techie