Yoga Alliance benefits

Some instructors wonder why we need to register with Yoga Alliance but … why not?  Okay, so the organization does not seem to lobby for your personal and business interest maybe or it’s mission and agenda may not wholly represent you but… as it represents both the individual yoga instructors, as well as the studio owners or educators, *employees and employers both) it cannot be a labor lobbying group really – and yes, it’s commercialized but … is that bad?  It’s good that there is some NPO that sets the standards and promotes the business of yoga in some ways, isn’t it?  I know it’s cool to be hippy clairvoyant yogi but … if we are actually dedicated to make yoga available to more and more people, it’s about access.

I personally get goose bumps finally realizing there are these benefits I foolishly have not used before.   Next time I am about to make an impulsive purchase, I have to stop and think, wait I can use the Yoga Alliance membership to get these discounts – 🙂

50% OFF on PrAna wears and products

40% OFF Manduka products

20% OFF on Gaiam products

40% OFF Jade Mats – did receive 20% off at former studio I worked at but if you are certified teacher, you can get 40% off up to 2 mats a year;

20 % OFF Patagonia products

and this – this is the most exciting for me as I love yoga books !

43% OFF on Integral Yoga Supplies which includes books of all kinds (health, fitness, cooking, of course yoga …) This is the most valued discount for me and I had not utilized it – it’s like there’s a treasure trove right under my nose and instead I pay full price on Amazon not realizing that all along I could have taken advantage of these discounts – how foolish have I been?.

So for those who knock the Yoga Alliance membership as irrelevant, to me, these discounts alone are good enough reason to pay the membership fees and maintain the good standing through continuing education.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I am super excited to have the discounts on mats alone  – 2 Jade mats with 40% discount is estimated total of $60-$100 discount depending on which Pro mats we are referring to.  Given that we practically live on mats, it’s a nice perk.  What do you think?

And if anyone could use any advice on yoga products such as mats and props such as blocks, straps, bolsters, etc. I am happy to assist.  I would first check with the friendly local yoga studios as it’s best to support our local businesses.  Why go online when you can actually touch and feel the products, maybe even try them or try them on or somehow show you how.  We in the neighborhood really want our local businesses to thrive, especially when it comes to yoga studios.  They are precious ! Unlike some corporate or chain sports gyms with obligatory yoga classes, local, your neighborhood yoga studios are different – they are owned and operated by some highly dedicated and committed yogis who have PASSION and a calling to make yoga part of everyone’s lives.  They build community and create connections.  All Gratitude for those who facilitate the connections:)  I especially appreciate these beautiful boutique yoga studios with all the right props to assure yoga for every body and mind.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve who can be helped by the beautiful wisdom of yoga.  Namaste.

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