Wanderlust – Yoga in Nature

#TBT #2

Keep Tahoe Blue

A Cove at the Lake

Warrior in front of the entrance into Olympic Village

Benefits of warrior 1? Virabhadrasana I is so good for strengthening our legs, hips & opening up our chest, stretching our back and arms – you can make it a heart opener if you really gaze up and direct the heart toward the sky – it’s … invigorating !

Gong vibrations to drift to another planet in this cosmos …

Sound healing … sigh …OMMMMM

Moving through sun salutations A & B and a mystery sequence – hahaha – as my teacher used to say there’s A through Z:)

Good Bye Tahoe to rush to …

San Francisco opportunity to assist Teacher Judith … what an honor:)

A whole week of yoga with a master teacher… blessed.

Teacher Judith always so sharp and wise – me, can you tell I’m still fighting off a jet lag that invades with heavy dense fog ? But learned so much about … props, props, and then some … more props and MORE – the yoga essentials – that mindset. It’s one thing to learn asanas from someone who just completed 200 hrs.(not knocking them – lack of experience they makeup with enthusiasm and energy!)  but it’s completely different learning about how one can enhance your life and up the joy quotient with asanas from someone who has been teaching yoga for over 40 years – she teaches from all her life experiences and occasional funny stories and reminiscence of her teacher, late guru, B.K.S. Iyengar.  It’s fascinating.

That heavy vertigo hits you at the oddest time of the day –  and then you are up at 3am – 5am wishing you can go back to sleep – feeling deep sense of empathy for insomniacs. Why fight it – just get up 3am – do what yogis do – meditate then practice.

Lovely yoginis from Japan  🙂 Sign of a true yogi – beautiful with glowing pranic energy … I would describe as fresh as morning dew with no signs of jet lag in spite of the vast distance they traveled to get to this amazing training session with a great teacher  – I have one word for them  – respect !

(also a sign that we did our homework from Teacher Judith – assignment to practice Pratyahara through restorative yoga even for just 20 minutes, consistently – everyday – it works !)


In my memory bank – learning from a great teacher is a blessing.

Thank you for the lovely memories of summers gone by – this was just … 3 years ago?

Ichigo-Ichie precious moments – where the vibrations of the yogis then are still imprinted within.

Maybe it’s time to go back … back to nature; back to the teachings of great teachers you learn from on your path.  To get inspired.  One does not travel far – they are all here within reach – we just need to show up.

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